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Perfect just right
Debbie S. - -
I did this class after just restarting my yoga again with back issues during the pandemic this was just what I needed to detox, stretch my back and get back into the flow. Not too hard yet still challenge as I start my yoga practice again. Love Lori’s classes they’re perfect for beginners and adv beginners
Great class to energize and stretch in morning
Debbie S. - -
Love Lori! Voice soothing gives clear directions and routines combine different movements perfectly with smooth transitions love ALL her classes
Samantha K. - -
Do you mean Melanie? Or is this a review for a different teacher/class?
Energizing Detox
Angelika S. - -
I did this class after a run on a cold morning. It was a great cool down and stretched out my after-run tightness. Enjoyed it very much. Like my second cup of coffee! Thank you so much!
Nancy R. - -
I didn't want to unroll my mat....but feel so good afterwards! Thank you!
Alexeyeva S. - -
Great detox class! I really liked the mindful check-in: asking ourselves what the intention of this particular detox is for/about in our lives. Thank you!
Vickie F. - -
No excuses, but I am 3 days behind. I am going morning and night until I catch up. I am not going to fail myself on this!
Janelle T. - -
Got to yesterday late, but I enjoyed feeling the stretch when twisting. It was very apparent that I am tight and need to release some tension.
Thank you
Nadine B. - -
Melanie's classes are wonderful and always just what I need. Did this on day 6 to catch up. First time I understood where my ab weaknesses are and where to start to really build strength. Much appreciated.
Day 5 :)
Mai T. - -
Energizing Detox
Donna B. - -
I just love this class it was perfect for my aches and pains of the day at work. Melanie is a fantastic instructor, her tone and pace is just right for me. Thank you. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Donna Byrnes
jennifer m. - -
I needed this class today. I feel warm and well stretched now. Great class to end the work week with.
Amazing Teacher!
Melissa M. - -
This was so helpful for my aches in my lower back - thank you day 5 for a lovely class!!!!
Deb G. - -
I really enjoy the detox series. I feel long and open after. Loving all the classes a d the teachers.??
Shantelle R. - -
This was a great detox practice. I felt my mind and body come back into alignment. I am still trying to get over an ex, and this practice really allows me to wring him out of my mind, all while calming my body. Perfect.
so cleansing
Michelle S. - -
I am loving this detox series. Melanie is so soothing and makes it easy to follow. I feel so much better afterward. And for someone who is dealing with a lot of heavy stuff, its really helping me let it go. Thank you <3
love this!
juliana f. - -
perfect little session to wring out the day!
Short and sweet
Ursula K. - -
Just the right amount of heat and twisting for a day when you have a little extra energy to burn off but you dont want to feel tired after.