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Classic YogaWorks
Cindy C. - -
I’m grateful for this practice. Skillful teaching.
Wish it moved more
Ginger D. - -
I did not sweat. It was too long in one pose and though I appreciate the cues it was not level 3
Level 3?
Sheila S. - -
I enjoyed this class. But I agree this is not a level 3. The instructor was too lengthy in instruction. Does anyone ever check these comments? Back in 2019 there were comments about this being the wrong level. I would appreciate if the levels were more consistent. This does not take away from this teacher. She is very good!!
Not a 3
Taz B. - -
This is a good class but definitely a level 2 not a 3. Lots of cues, that arehelpful but too much and too slow for level 3
Too much explanation
Kristi C. - -
Way too much explaining of each move. This is level 3 not level 1. Had to stop 8 minutes in.
not level 3
Meghan B. - -
I find all the classes to have way too much instruction for level 3 and not nearly enough flow. I never even get close to breaking a sweat and would love some classes that truly speak to the advanced Yogi looking to flow and sweat and get out of the head.
sherry t. - -
Tough but not too tough and well rounded
Diana H. - -
I've done this class a couple of times now and I really enjoy it. It's a good length, good pace, lots of vinyasas and Alexandria's direction is really easy to follow. It helps deepen and improve asanas even if you've done them a million times. I'll definitely keep coming back to this one.
Great leg workout!
Tina R. - -
Good flow, lot of focus on lower body, I was sweaty at the end.
Even 2-"turn your inner thighs in"
Jennifer H. - -
Would love a level 3 that doesn't spend so much time cuing and taking time to find a position. This class has LOTS of cues and repetitive cues that begins to get distracting. Not really a flow..
level 2
ronny k. - -
good flow, great instructor, but this was not a level 3 class. didnt even break a sweat :\
Solid, sweaty class
Michelle R. - -
This is another one for my favorites!
Felt Great After This Sequence
Sandra S. - -
This sequence does exactly what is will be stretched out and energized. I felt great starting my day with it!
Challenging Well-Rounded Class
Meaghan Q. - -
Definitely worked hard in this one - some good balancing poses, twists, core work, and ended with Urdhva Dhanurasana. Will definitely do again!
great workout!
Lily K. - -
I definitely felt it the next day!