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Debby L. - -
Caley never disappoints!
Jake W. - -
Caley makes you work hard for 20 minutes, then you get about 10 minutes of backbending and floor work. Really great if you are short on time.
Love it
Betty K. - -
This class is so challenging! Will definitely practice Again!
Andrea L. - -
love this!
Best vid ever - going to do every day!
Laura W. - -
I love Caley's classes! They are so original and seem to use a lot of traction that make my body feel great! This makes me want to quit the gym and just do this vid every morning! More videos by Caley please!
great session!
Susie B. - -
Challenging but so well cued. really enjoyed it!
julianna l. - -
This was one of the best videos I've done! THANK YOU
Anna K. - -
I'm awake now! Great, well-rounded flow.
Excellent afternoon pick me up
Wendy P. - -
I normally would have taken a nap or had actual espresso but I needed to move my body and didn't have a lot of time. This definitely did the trick! A new favorite for sure.
Not too bad
amy g. - -
Overall this flow was just okay for me. I didn't find it very cardio-ish, I like more of a faster flow for that. Good stretches at the end though.
peter s. - -
so good : )))
Perfect for me!
Ellen S. - -
In the midst of a very intense work time, this class has been perfect!!! energizing, soothing, the perfect amount of effort, without tiring you out for the day but really gets blood flowing - strengthening and opening at the same time, i have been waking up with this now every day, thank you!!!!
Kale Mera
Vanessa M. - -
Awesome once again Caley, you have inspired me to become a little more creative in my flows, thank you for inspiring me x
Good wake up
Jennifer H. - -
Good for warming up the body. Odd ending right after relaxing ...overall like the quick pace.
Good morning
Lou P. - -
Invigorating short class, perfect for building some heat and wringing yourself out for the day.
Great for early AM
Kera Z. - -
What a perfect way to WAKE UP. Loved that Caley included a little of everything here: sun salutation, external rotation, internal rotation, twists, core, backbend, balancing postures. Feeling great.
jaime i. - -
Wow what an awesome practice. So different , will definitely be looking up more classes from Caley! Thanks! Namaste :)
Love it!
natalia v. - -
short, to the point, challenging yet relaxing!!
Love it!
siow V. - -
Short and energizing. Great cadence. Perfect shot for any time of the day!
Corey C. - -
This was the perfect sequence to start off the day. Thanks for sharing!
Love it!
Jessica G. - -
I love this class for when I'm time crunched but want to squeeze in something that actually makes me sweat. There's a lot packed in, and it's definitely energizing, as promised! One of my go-to's.
Hannah L. - -
Challenging, energizing, clarifying practice. This class is a wonderful start to a rainy day.
Bess P. - -
Great short class to wipe the sleepies from my eyes! Nice, balanced sequence - Feel energized and ready to rock my day! :)
Jessica R. - -
I wasn't a fan of this practice. Especially in the AM I prefer more of a flow, but I did work up a sweat and made some heat so that was nice. I do feel energized for the day... Just like more flow in the AM
Really great
Debra S. - -
So nice to find something that is challenging, quick and energising! This class is wonderful.
Great class!
Rebecca S. - -
I really enjoyed this class - I did it in the evening for a pick me up and it worked! Hopefully I can sleep tonight :)
Shocked! Just as if I had gotten a real espresso!
Marina Z. - -
Invigorating and refreshing, in a super time efficient practice. What else could you want from your morning yoga?! Notice that it is a level 3 class... That means you will be working! ; )
Good Morning Thursday!
Leilani B. - -
This class is a perfect blend of calm and intense for first thing in the morning! Thank you, it's got everything promised, and I still have time to get ready to look as fabulous for work as I feel :-)