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Heather S. - -
she is so grest
Heather S. - -
Just `lovely
Leslie K. - -
I adore Melanie's classes. She has such a feminine loving gentle voice that makes you feel good about yourself . The class is just perfect - yoga at its best. It's a bit longer than the other 30 minute classes and yet not too long, so that you do it. Just a wonderful class. thank you
Great Class
Madeleine F. - -
Really enjoying Melanie - great alignment cues for the beginner. Challenging, but not complicated. A great basic class. Thanks.
Nancy W. - -
Thank you, Melanie!
Kellee T. - -
Day 15 chime in
Norma P. - -
Great class. I wouldve put this before yesterdays selection, if I was designing the days flow. Melanie has the most calming voice and presence! Thank you
Day 15
Mai T. - -
Feel Great!
Patty W. - -
A nice well rounded practice. Just what my body needed today!
volume problem
Karen L. - -
There's a technical issue with the volume part way through. Otherwise, it seems to be a great class.
Wonderful, Full Practice
Laura A. - -
Calming, but challenging practice for this beginner! Melanie really guides you through every motion. I hardly felt the need to look at the screen!
christine t. - -
The tips helped improve my positions even more. tx
Joining the Chorus
Christina B. - -
I'm just joining the Chorus of Praise both for Melanie and for this practice. In a word - Perfect.
I absolutely need this!
Sandra M. - -
After a night of leg cramps this was amazing and exactly what I needed. Great teacher with thorough instruction and to poses and technique.
Nicole F. - -
This practice is truly what you need! Today I was not feeling super ambitious and was hoping for something that helped me feel strong, flexible and relaxed without spending 1.5 hours getting there - this class does that! It was a great Sunday morning routine for me :) Namaste!
Everything you Need
Alaya S. - -
Perfect !! It was everything that I needed. Excellent Teacher !!
Every thing you need
farideh e. - -
Excellent great pace thank you fantastic teacher
Great short set
janine w. - -
Love this
Everything you need
Judi A. - -
Perfect for when I cant make it into the studio
perfect step back !
melie P. - -
This was my first yoga practice after the postpartum journey and I feel really good after it. In sink with my breath, very relaxed yet stronger !
great morning
Cheri B. - -
perfect for if you dont have 90 mins and definitely well rounded
Dorothy W. - -
Very nice!
Perfect yoga class
Leslie K. - -
Its just covers it all and is perfect. I feel great from it
Just what you need...
Aashna K. - -
It doesnt matter what time it is...I re-ignited my practice with Melanies video after a break of almost a year from yoga - and it exactly what it said it would do. It stretched out every muscle and left me feeling calm and nimble, ready for the next leg of my yogic journey. Thanks Melanie!
Love Melanie!
katie h. - -
All of the teachers have their strengths, but I love Melanies instruction. She is so thorough and I can feel my practice improving each time I work through one of her videos. Thank you! This is a great video.