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Rebecca H. - -
Please make more for this age group! My 4 year old loves this and asks to do yoga!
Jessica J. - -
Agree! :)
Fun class for moms and kids
Roberta M. - -
My daughter is 2 and really enjoyed the songs and poses even though she got distracted it was fun to have her participate and it gave me time to stretch. I look forward to more classes in the 3-5 year range.
Thank you :)
Louisa T. - -
My 4 yo enjoyed this but the little girl in the video is maybe a bit too young as she gets distracted quite a lot (which distracted my daughter a bit too ;) ). It would be good to have a few more for this age group/a bit older.
Rachel R. - -
I just did this with my 2.5 year old and she really enjoyed it. We will continue doing them. Please make more for this age group, too!!
Rebecca H. - -
Thank you! My 3 year old loved this! Please make more!!!
Huimin C. - -
My 4yo enjoyed it. I do think it would be useful for the child in the video to be a bit more focused so the child watching this video at home can have a better model - especially when the child at home is a good listener/student.
Thank you
Ghazaleh R. - -
I'm so happy to have these classes available as a way to introduce my little one to yoga. Also a great bonding game. Helps him relax before bedtime. Thank you
More please
Jennifer A. - -
My very active 3.75 year old was able to do this successfully. I am amazed! Please post more for this age group.
Chrissie S. - -
This is great for starting to introduce yoga and the breath with my 2 yr old! A way for him to play with his body and try to apply basic foundation at the same time! So fun!
Light and Fun!
Erika B. - -
Thank you! My kids and I enjoyed doing this sequence on our own (I watched it first and did it with them without the video). It was a fun time for us to connect and play... could you please add more Kid's Yoga videos to MyYogaWorks??? Namaste!
Too young
Amanda R. - -
I like the idea but I think the instruction is too young for 3 year olds. My daughter listens well and she wants to see a little girl that is experienced in yoga so she can follow along. Also the song are not necessary. I'd like to see an intro level class described in simple yoga terms and moves.