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Nice class!
Fernanda D. - -
After reading all the comments I was little scared of this class...but it´s not that challenging. Just a final plank with twist was really hard, rest it manageable. A great class still! Love Caley style. Thanks.
Great challenge!
Melody K. - -
I love this class! I did it with my baby on the mat in front of me, and it was perfect to challenge me. I'm definitely going to do it again, and my goal will be to hold the poses longer!
Strengthening, conditioning, and fun!
Bridget T. - -
excellent quick class with unique and creative poses. Really enjoyed it, Thank you!
really hard!
randi h. - -
combined this with Vytas' 30 min cardio... great combo to kickstart the day! Both so challenging!
Richard K. - -
This should be level 3.
You know it's a tough class when...
Becky D. - -
You know it's a tough class when chair pose is basically your resting pose! :-D Love it!
Good Start to the Day
Jennifer B. - -
This didn't feel quite like Level 2 but it certainly was a good jump start to the day when time is limited.
Becky D. - -
I think this class must be targeting every single muscle group I DON'T have strengthened...whew! Definitely need to work on my core and balance!
Challenging workout
Cheryl S. - -
A good, short workout that challenges the core. Definitely not a beginner class, and you'll need to have a strong core to get through all the exercises (imho). The instructor doesn't offer modifications so you'll have to figure that out on your own if you're not able to get into or hold the pose. Also, a block is recommended, but I don't recall it being used in the class.
Asiunia C. - -
Is this yoga or just a yoga-inspired class?
natalie d. - -
killer class I agree an extended class would be great
Anthony D. - -
Thank you for creating this short sequence. It's my morning routine all week and it's Thursday morning, feeling stronger already! Perfect length to fit in before work!
Fun & Strong
Lillian K. - -
this was a really fun class! and I don't say that often... :]
Melinda E. - -
This is great! I think and extended version of this would be awesome as 30-40 mins!
Sierra B. - -
So good! Would love an extended version of this!
Loved it!
Michelle H. - -
Loved this instructor and the unusual poses. It was a great workout and got me going for my day!
Natasha S. - -
Excellent workout if you are short on time!
Eleni B. - -
I like that the instructor uses unusual poses! Makes it a bit more challenging!
Carlos C. - -
i'm surprised the instructor didn't point out the hyperextension in the elbows.