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So perfectly challenging and awesome
Angelica P. - -
Jesse, you rock! Thank you for this amazing class!!
Hayley M. - -
This class is my favourite, its hard, sweaty and stretches you out, I love it, thanks Jesse! xx
Laura G. - -
This is a wonderful strength and intense flow class. Perfect for waking you up in the morning. This is a weekly must!
Beautiful class!
Ana B. - -
Thank you for this class! It is going to become a regular part of my morning routine.
More like this!
Nechama G. - -
This class was perfect! Recommendations for similar paced classes would be much appreciated!
thank you
Spyros K. - -
for a nice & intense flow
Great Class!
randi h. - -
Hits every muscle.. and left me feeling stretched, strong and centered. More like this please! Thank you Jesse!
perfect class
Natalie C. - -
Perfect speed, Perfect class. Challenging flow. Would love more like this. Talking was easy to tune out (with my music in the background)
So Good..
Shannon D. - -
Thank you Jesse, as always your teaching style is on pointe. This class was harder than most of her classes so be prepared, lots of vinayasas and long standing holds. I've been out of practice so looking forward to doing this more to get my strength back.
Hannah H. - -
was expecting a much faster flow...not sure why this is listed under cardio. would have liked it but was expecting a cardio workout type yoga.
WOW! Simply fantastic
Diana F. - -
Great challenging flow. Super well thought out
Vinyasa flow - Core - Pigeon - Savasana
Kendra W. - -
Great class if you are interested in a challenging skill level with lots of instruction. A few moments of silence would have been appreciated. Lot's of breath awareness. Once on the ground, some core, a twist and a hip opener finish this practice. Also, it would be nice to have silence after 'namaste' for those that chose not to leave savasana. All in all, a nice go to for a quick hour practice. Thank you!
Let yoga & laughter be thy medicine...
Ayanna P. - -
All I have to say is Jesse, you da best, girl!! Always a pleasure to take your class. I really let patience expand and grounding to deepen my poses.
ronny k. - -
superb ☺
Anne O. - -
Wow, what a great way to start my day. So challenging and that is what I needed. Thank you!
Constant chatter
Jen A. - -
It could be an awesome class but Jesse doesn't let your mind find stillness because she has an incessant need to chatter throughout every second of each and every pose. Please give it a rest and take a breath!
Michelle G. - -
More Jesse level 3 classes please! I've watched all of them and am now recycling through. Her challenging flows combined with her sense of humor let me leave my mat feeling physically satisfied and with a smile on my face!
Great class
Michelle M. - -
Thank you, this is a great comprehensive class.
Best class yet!
Kristen V. - -
I'm new to Level 3 classes and this was definitely challenging for me, but well worth the effort! Prepare to work up a sweat!
Loved this class Jesse!
Anne Y. - -
Hi Jesse, I used to take your classes all the time when I lived right off Montana St. and I so missed your classes since moving. Thanks for having so many videos online for us to enjoy, this class was just perfect- thanks!
So intense!!!
Pamela P. - -
I am sweating all over and feel like all the parts of my body have been targeted. Awesome class thank you!!
Super challenging!
Maria C. - -
Thank you, such a great yoga class.
Sarah B. - -
Awesome - thanks! Ive done it live in SM too. :)
Sweaty, challenging flow!
Michelle R. - -
This one is going into my favorites.
Mia Z. - -
Thank you great yoga.
Heather W. - -
great class...thank you!!
Love This Condensed Class
Sandra S. - -
This practice lets me get in my yoga and get the kids off to school in the mornings! Well rounded, challenging, and I feel great! Thank you!
Great Class!
Veronica D. - -
Since moving to the Bay Area its been hit and miss finding new studios and teachers. I was so happy to be able to practice with a teacher whose Saturday classes I used to love to go to...and it reminded me what it feels like when Im challenging myself in my practice! I will be doing this one again :-) Thanks Jesse!
Loved it. Love Jesse
Vanessa R. - -
Ive been a follower of Jesses level 3 classes. I love how she teaches - direct and challenging, but with a focus on the breath that helps you bring it back. Her classes are quick paced and keep it interesting - even on those days where you just want to quit, she somehow keeps you moving through the full class. Good, strong class.
Exhausted but feel great!
Jill R. - -
Hi. Wow. This is the first level 3 class Ive attempted. My legs and arms are shaking but I did manage most of it, apart from the arm balance! Great class - this will go in my favourites.
Excellent, WELL ROUNDED class!
Sara C. - -
I love everything Jesse teaches, but this was most excellently well rounded. Prasarita between the Vira II/Parsvos…Dhanurasana AND Urdhva…the double pigeon at the end!!! Im in love. Gratitude. Namaste.
Great workout
Lehua S. - -
Love this - thank you!
MacKenzie S. - -
A superb flow that works all your different muscle groups for both strength and flexibility. Love this class!
Rowena K. - -
Most intuitive technically astute yoga teacher on the West coast right now.