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Love the instructor
Michelle P. - -
I love how well the instructor explains everything and tells you how to focus your hips and muscles
Elizabeth M. - -
Spot on hip openers. Thank you! :-)
C C. - -
Short 7 sweet, very intuitive..was such a treat, thank you!
Day 2
Amber H. - -
Day 2 followed day I'm on a roll! Seems I always intend to do this or that for 30 days, 21, days, 28 days and never succeed so I'm working toward success this time. Quick video with nice long stretches and a bit of vigor. Liking this series so far!
Erica V. - -
Great hip stretches!!
Erica V. - -
Great hip stretches!!
When plank feels like rest
Natalia S. - -
This was a great little lower body wakeup + stretch. Thank you!
June Challenge Day 4
Amber C. - -
Great quick and efforting video. Wonderful opener for the late riser who still wants to get something good in. I will do this one again. Thank you!
Legs are a burning
Leah R. - -
Awesome muscle engagement!!!
Jessica R. - -
Nice hip stetches
firm your foundation
linda c. - -
truly realized the results of a 5K this past weekend, woo my thighs/hamstrings are tight. this helped. Thanks
Great for a stretch!
Marissa W. - -
Perfect for tight hips in the morning!