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Thank you!
Kristina O. - -
Beautiful flow and pace, with great variety of postures.
Nice focused practice
Vanessa M. - -
I really enjoyed this quick practice. My heart rate did go up a bit, but what I enjoyed most was the clear and detailed instruction. Those little adjustments made all the difference, and I felt like my body was being nourished and I learnt so much about alignment in the different postures. I'll be doing this one again and again just to embed all of this in my body memory!
Fit Flow
Angelika S. - -
Great class. I learned some new moves to build core strength. Thank you!
Thank you!
Delgermaa B. - -
~Quick and nicely balanced practice. Thank you! :)
Great quick flow
Brian C. - -
Thank you David!
C C. - -
Great practice from a great teacher. I keep coming back to these older classes. Great teachers, and for sure better lighting in studio as well.
Thank you Mr. Kim!
Tad K. - -
This was a very invigorating practice!
Ali L. - -
I agree this class was just okay. Not advanced for sure. Not much Surya A/B/Poses. Would have loved more balancing and music. And savasana guidance as I fell asleep not realizing video was over!!! and what about Namaste.
solid quick upper body
Toya W. - -
I really enjoy David Kim. Clear cues.
Ok class
Kristi C. - -
This class was ok. I don’t think it was a level 3. Probably a level 2. Not very difficult but it had some nice poses. I tgink it’s a good class to take right when you wake up.
Love this class!
Susie B. - -
Well cued, excellent helpful suggestions for positioning, and just a great flow.
Good Quick Challenge
Lisa S. - -
20 minutes well spent. Loved the core challenge associated with dolphin!
Annie L. - -
Good short practice with a focus on the upper body.
Judit M. - -
Great flow from David, he has such a clear way of cueing the alignment. Thanks!
Svetlana A. - -
Very strong practice, half hour was more than enough :). Liked the sequence a lot!
natalie d. - -
Come Bac t this class again and again, wonder quick pick me up!
Day 4 Challenge Check
Crystal C. - -
Great class!
David Kim
Carrie L. - -
I am really loving all of the David Kim classes. Thank you! I am enjoying yoga again.
Sheree G. - -
This was a wonderful pick me up for the morning!
gentle challenge
Susan T. - -
Nice assortment of shoulder srengtheners as well as stability by moving through warriors.
Small but Mighty
Erin F. - -
Don't let the duration fool you. This is powerful flow that builds massive strength in the core and upper body. Love it!
Megan L. - -
Great morning wake up
Fit Flow
Heather W. - -
Solid, quick well-rounded flow practice. A great way to start the day!
Joanna B. - -
Great core exercises!