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So bad I had to review it twice
Leo H. - -
skip it.
Waste of 30 mins
Leo H. - -
Sherry T. and Cheryl R. know what's up. This has been the biggest disappointment of the year, and it's 2020, so.... yeah stick to Vytas, that guy's classes are dope.
Cheryl R. - - (edited)
I didn't love this class and definitely don't think it's a level 3
sherry t. - -
What a surprise!
M. W. - -
Loved this sequence! Familiar poses in an unfamiliar order- so great.
Christie R. - -
Loved this workout, switching your body out of routine sometimes makes it work harder :) great Saturday morning workout!
Love love love this
Vanessa M. - -
What a great practice , thank you, it felt so great on my body , I loved the inversions early on , and the transition from Utthita hast a padagustasna to ardha chandrasana , very creative . It was my first time practicing with you Caley, I will be back ... Thank you
Very interesting
erin l. - -
I liked mixing it up a bit, building heat early on and then slowly coming back down.