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Blaine M. - -
I LOVE this guy! Each and every class He's straightforward, calm and natural no bs. Really great guidance. and silence as well!
Great for centering, stretching, relaxing and/or self care. Thank you!
Lovely, calming class
Anne K. - -
Thank you, Dan, for your kind instructions and gentle manner. Sometimes we just need a calm, clear voice, reminding us to be accepting of ourselves. I appreciate your clear and precise explanations, and will take some of your words and share them with my yoga students. A bow of gratitude to you, Dan!
great class
Sally W. - -
This is a good combination of poses that leave you feeling really good. ThANK YOU!
~~Cool Class~~
Shaila M. - -
Appreciate the careful and precise instruction as well as the reflective thoughts! Helpful class!
It’s been too long!
Eugenia E. - -
I haven’t practiced for a long while. Have barely left the apartment since the shut down to the city. Yesterday my daughter who lives on the other coast suggested I try this. It was difficult but felt so good to be stretching my body again. Thank you so much!
Perfect reset
Laura T. - -
Exactly what I was looking for. Expert and steady instruction. Balance of stillness and motion. My outlook and energy are replenished following this practice. I’ll definitely do it again.
Movement and meditation
Riza M. - -
For when you want to move but your energy is low, this is a great sequence for that.
Thank you!
Maricela H. - -
Thank you Dan for the reminders to quiet our mind and love ourselves in mind, body and spirit.
Samira N. - -
Thank you Dan. This is a perfect balance and amount of daily yoga, physically and mentally for the morning. Really enjoyed it. Samira Nikaein
just what I needed
Ligia F. - -
Thank you Dan for this amazing practice. This is now part of my morning wake up routine.
Collette C. - -
Thank you Dan. Your approach was so calm and helpful. I felt able to do the poses and was relaxed in my practice. Thank you for really getting me into yoga!
Both calming and energizing
Una H. - -
Wonderful balance of movement and stillness.
Just what I needed
Stephanie W. - -
Exactly what I needed to start my morning especially during these difficult times. Dan's voice and explanations were so helpful and calming.
Loved it
Sidney G. - -
I came back to this class for the second night in a row. I found Dan's explanations and observations comforting and helpful. I'll admit I even teared up a little when he said that your body is a miracle and that you deserve to practice. I needed that.
Great class
E H. - -
A much needed peace as I work from home these days. Thank you
so great
Sharon V. - -
really like the teachers vibe, I sometimes push too hard so theses a good reality check with the purpose of yoga and how important it is.
Krissy W. - -
Dan, I love how you teach. Thank you.
Great class
Sharon K. - -
Great class that settled my mind and anxiety. Thank you.
Katrina S. - -
So simple and so sweet
Another great class
emma d. - -
I love all of Dan’s classes across the board, hoping he adds more to the collection soon
Kayla E. - - (edited)
Beautiful attention to link of mind and body , I love all of Dan's insight and how he ties meditation into the flow. This is why I do yoga.
Anastasia K. - -
I've noticed that when I bring up any video on the website it will say props: but then not list the props you might need to do class. Could the props be added please? Loving the beginner classes! Just starting out!
James W. - -
So glad I found you on here, Dan Ward! Perfect practice after a few stressful days!
Megan S. - -
Meditation begins about 30 minutes in
Nice Class!
Suni S. - -
I enjoyed this class so much! Nice to slow it down and experience what your capable of. Thanks so much!
just missed bliss
Betsy L. - -
too much chatter
Liz G. - -
What a lovely, wonderful class! Thank you so much!
Extremely Enjoyable!
Marissa P. - -
This was a lovely way to "restart" my day after work. Bringing me back to a more mindful and present self. Thank you!
Tension Release
Hannah L. - -
What a wonderful class to release built up tension an anxiety. This is exactly what I needed today. Sometimes it’s so difficult to let go and move into peace and acceptance. Dan’s class helps to make that transition. Thank you!!
Foundations, foundations, foundations!
Yesenia R. - -
I've been practicing yoga for years but slowing it down in this way was exactly what my body needed today. I will definitely be doing this workout again as a "reset" when needed.
Moving meditation
Livia S. - -
Just my kind of yoga asana! Please, more classes like this Dan Ward! 60 min classes!