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Collette C. - -
Thank you Dan. Your approach was so calm and helpful. I felt able to do the poses and was relaxed in my practice. Thank you for really getting me into yoga!
Both calming and energizing
Una H. - -
Wonderful balance of movement and stillness.
Just what I needed
Stephanie W. - -
Exactly what I needed to start my morning especially during these difficult times. Dan's voice and explanations were so helpful and calming.
Loved it
Sidney G. - -
I came back to this class for the second night in a row. I found Dan's explanations and observations comforting and helpful. I'll admit I even teared up a little when he said that your body is a miracle and that you deserve to practice. I needed that.
Great class
E H. - -
A much needed peace as I work from home these days. Thank you
so great
Sharon V. - -
really like the teachers vibe, I sometimes push too hard so theses a good reality check with the purpose of yoga and how important it is.
Krissy W. - -
Dan, I love how you teach. Thank you.
Great class
Sharon K. - -
Great class that settled my mind and anxiety. Thank you.
Katrina S. - -
So simple and so sweet
Another great class
emma d. - -
I love all of Dan’s classes across the board, hoping he adds more to the collection soon
Kayla E. - - (edited)
Beautiful attention to link of mind and body , I love all of Dan's insight and how he ties meditation into the flow. This is why I do yoga.
Anastasia K. - -
I've noticed that when I bring up any video on the website it will say props: but then not list the props you might need to do class. Could the props be added please? Loving the beginner classes! Just starting out!
James W. - -
So glad I found you on here, Dan Ward! Perfect practice after a few stressful days!
Megan S. - -
Meditation begins about 30 minutes in
Nice Class!
Suni S. - -
I enjoyed this class so much! Nice to slow it down and experience what your capable of. Thanks so much!
just missed bliss
Betsy L. - -
too much chatter
Liz G. - -
What a lovely, wonderful class! Thank you so much!
Extremely Enjoyable!
Marissa P. - -
This was a lovely way to "restart" my day after work. Bringing me back to a more mindful and present self. Thank you!
Tension Release
Hannah L. - -
What a wonderful class to release built up tension an anxiety. This is exactly what I needed today. Sometimes it’s so difficult to let go and move into peace and acceptance. Dan’s class helps to make that transition. Thank you!!
Foundations, foundations, foundations!
Yesenia R. - -
I've been practicing yoga for years but slowing it down in this way was exactly what my body needed today. I will definitely be doing this workout again as a "reset" when needed.
Moving meditation
Livia S. - -
Just my kind of yoga asana! Please, more classes like this Dan Ward! 60 min classes!