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Lots of leg work for a shoulder focused class.
April Laird - -
If you have hip issues like me, I wouldn't recommend this class unless you have warmed up the hips and lower back areas. Some of the standing poses are held for several long breaths, so be aware that you may be sore in the groin areas if you're not used to that. My shoulders are definitely more open though!
Carla Isabel Paredes - -
Thank you for a wonderful class Erin. It was such an effective sequence to open up the shoulders - and after spinning too often, it was exactly what I needed. I didn't feel like the poses were held too long; I felt they were held at a length challenging enough mentally, but short enough to be physically feasible. Your cues were original and straight to the point without fluff. It was a great class. Namaste.
Jen McGrath - -
This flow did the trick in loosening the shoulders. I like the block set up in the beginning- original and effective. It’s true that there was too much talking, but it helped with maintaining proper form. Poses were held a wee bit longer than I like, again that’s personal preference. Overall, good challenging class!
Sabine Benhlima - -
Loved this class, absolutely amazing. Well done Erin, will try your other classes as well.
Sofia Santos - -
I have to say, i got home after a sunday at work and totally stressed...i was looking for a class and when i read some of the comments i wasn't sure i was picking the right one, still i went for it. So glad i did. This class was amazing. So challenging, but so perfect. I loved that it wasn't filled with sun salutations like some of the classes, and i loved even more that we had to hold for long in the poses...because i think most times we're just running. It's challenging but i will do it again for sure. Thank you for this class.
Poses are held for too long
Denmo Ibrahim - -
I really like Erin's classes in person but this class felt like way too much instruction (3-4 breaths) which followed by holding the pose for an additional 5 breaths or so. Very thorough but it was confusing for me -- was between level 1 instruction but level 3 strength and without much flow to build up heat.
Danielle Smith - -
Very good class - she gives intelligent cues to help you maintain proper alignment. Good use of voice. She also gives you an actual Savasana at the end.
Lisa Young - -
Good sequence and flow, but holds were way too long for me. I thought it would be more flowy, but overall, it was still a good class.
Great for shoulders
Angela Saltis - -
My upper back, shoulders and neck were tight from traveling and this practice brought opening and release to those areas beautifully. Also gave a nice whole body work out and left me feeling grounded. Thanks!
Not 11 mins
Lyndie Bradshaw - -
We thought it would be a good warm up...ended up an hour practice. Great chest opening, but half way into it we were confused.
Shoulder routine
Lyndsey Harrison - -
Always like Erin's commitment and focus. Perfect routine
Anna Kuzel - -
The holds were too long and too much talking for my preference
Fixed my aching neck
Keri Siry - -
I thought I would do some yoga to fix my creaky neck and shoulders that were bothering me this weekend. This did the trick! Thanks.
Aniella Perold - -
Well-rounded and focused practice-- definitely more sweaty and challenging than I expected based on other Level 2 classes, but that was a good thing today! As one of the previous comments said, there are points where I modified or made a pose more restful, especially toward the end. I liked Erin's enthusiasm and energy.
Päivi Liikonen - -
Thank you Erin for the great sequence. The block in the beginning really helped later in the practice to get the same feeling in the back. Also love the way you use your voice in different parts of the practice.
Toya Williford - -
strong flow with solid shoulder openers. good one to pause and play around with different variations. def putting this on regular rotation.
Janelle Cookston - -
Great class, Erin! Very challenging, balancing and energy heated practice! Thanks for all the juicy wisdom and positive reinforcement!
Richard Gleason - -
really good class. great adjustments, but not too many to interrupt the flow. also, great that there is no music. I can score the class with my own player if I want to.