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Taz Burmeister - -
Nicely sequenced but very slow. More level 2
Wonderful class!
Nicole Levine - -
Heather's directions are clear and calm and so helpful. This was a challenging and effective class that beautifully led up to the final pose. Thank you Heather - I love getting to take your class while all the way across the world!
Massie MCKELVY - -
I enjoyed every second of this video. she is very clear, so detailed and explains everything really good. Thank you so much dear Heather for the great job and to make every pose so easy to understand.
Great alignment cues
Meghan Barry - -
I really appreciate how Heather cued every part of the postures - transitioning in, holding, and transitioning out. Those alignment details and longer holds made this class feel super challenging to me, even without a breakneck pace through vinyasas. It's much more challenging to do backbends safely! Thank you!
Laura Reiff - -
Was really challenged and fell aslpeep in svasana...unusable for me !!! citta viritti !!
Not a level 3
Alexa Ortiz - -
Very slow class but not challenging at all. It doesn't make any sense why it's labeled a level 3.
Jana Bozeman - -
Loved the variations in Warrior I and the overall sequence beautifully prepared me for Urdhva. Thank you Heather!
carol david - -
Love it!! More please!
More, please
Bethany Newman - -
More 60-90 min classes from Heather, please! I had the privilege of practicing with her while living in Santa Monica for 6 months. She's the best. This class is fantastic. I've done it several times, as well as her Breath Based Core Strengthening Flow. I just need more! Please :)
Adam Larmi - -
very descriptive ,different, and parts were challenging as well
nina andrews - -
Was definitely worth my time
Rachel Boggia - -
Oops I tried to put a smiley face emoji, but it turned into question marks!
Calming and challenging
Rachel Boggia - -
Thank you for the wonderful prep for safe and full back bending ??