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Jack S. - -
Great flow coupled with effective instruction. Thank you. Made for an awesome start to the day
Lindsay B. - -
Short, great practice for heart opening leading up to wheel at the end.
I'm Back =D
Jessica R. - -
Feels so good to be back practicing. I had to take some personal time away from my mat... This is a nice sequence to get back to flowing.
So Fun!
Robin B. - -
That was amazing and really fun! It challenged me in all the ways I needed after being sore from a weight lifting work out yesterday.
Amelia F. - -
Such a great, effective class for me..... on my very first time using this site. WOW, so glad I signed up
Karla M. - -
That was a nice comeback for me. After almost a year of not being able to practice, I subscribed to the Heart Opening Challenge and this being day one's practice just made my day. I really felt my back stiffness begin to flow.
safe and affective
Svetlana A. - -
I liked that the class was short but contained all necessary movements to get properly warmed up for deep backbends. I love David Kim`s classes in general; great pace and instructions through the entire practices!
great warm ups, effective short class!
Clancy C. - -
David's conscientious explanations of the warm ups and poses create a safe and effective class. I love his approach to the potentially emotional heart opening poses.
Rana M. - -
Excellent. Loved. Great to back bend again after 18 mos. away from yoga:).