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Vivian G. - -
great class for shoulder opening!
Sydni A. - -
Nice, slow paced class. Definitely not level 3.
Good class
Fernanda D. - -
I felt it was a nice stretchy class...I thought we would practice more flying birds or maybe repeat the bird of paradise, but still it was a good class and I am feeling stretched and opened. Thanks.
Kristi C. - -
Great stretch but the only part that is level 3 is flying bird. Rest is a level two moderate flow. Great if you want to practice flying bird.
Very helpful method for getting into flying bird using a block
Janet M. - -
I think this class was on the easier side of level three, except for the flying bird. Jennifer always offers modifications to fit an easier level. Students will need the strap to do the beginning arm and shoulder stretching exercises. They're hard to do without one. Jennifer starts out with quite a bit of stretching before getting us warmed up. I wish I had been a little warmer before. That said, the exercises themselves were very good. Mainly, the best part was how Jennifer gets you into flying bird using a block. This was my most successful attempt at bird of paradise and I credit her method for helping me. Thank you, Jennifer.
Flying Birds
Peter R. - -
I think the name of this practice is Flying Pigeons :)
Jaime K. - -
This was a nice class, but the description is off. The peak pose for this class is Bird of Paradise, not Flying Pigeon. :)
Patrizia M. - -
To me this is truly the perfect class. Just as stated in the other comments the instruction is clear, specific, relaxed yet strong and well paced. I felt my body opening up gradually, in an organic way and with enough space and quite moments to allow me to observe and absorb what was happening. I look forward to more (level 2 :) classes from Jennifer. Thank you!
Blissfully stretched.
Donna L. - -
I usually like high power and high intensity vinyasa flows and I often get a bit bored and distracted in a slower flow but this class was an exception. I enjoyed the long holds and the deep stretches and my body actually thanked me for going slow and deep and mindful. I loved this class. Thank you so much for this Jennifer. Love and Light <3
Sarah G. - -
My body feels amazing after this beautiful sequence! Great job to all of you ladies!
Must do!
Sally M. - -
Wonderful balance of instruction and silence.
Marjorie R. - -
This was a really lovely practice. There is a great balance of instruction and silence, and effort and release. The instructor's voice and words enhanced the practice instead of distracting from the practice. So well done. Thank you!
Flying Birds by Jennifer Elliott
Westlake V. - -
Thank you so much Jennifer for such a beautiful session. Your instructions are very detailed, clear & informative. Thank you Meg & Amy for your amazing practice💕