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great class
Bridget T. - -
I LOVE vytas and his classes. i like all the forward folds in this one
Andrew H. - - (edited)
I didn’t mind the practice but cues like “show someone how skinny you are” & “no breaks you’re on camera” and the way he aggressively “assists” or uses physical touch to cue the students in the video are all VERY offputting.
Lori T. - -
Poor guy can never get a break. I’ve taken enough of his classes to know it’s just who he is. Maybe avoid his classes :)
Rabiya H. - -
love the energy Vytas brings out. His instructions, cues and encouragement slice through everything.
Great handstand prep! Don't be turned off by the opening comment if you don't want to do actual handstands. I think I better do this one more while we're out of the studio.
starts smooth...
Spyros K. - -
but escalates!
Love Vytas
Taz B. - -
Another epic class Vytas! We need you in Australia!
Layna C. - -
Love this class❤️
Vtyas you are a Great instructor
Malissa S. - -
Thank you. This work out was wonderful. I love your voice, keeps me focused.
Rachael M. - -
Super playful and fun practice! Loved it!
Monika K. - -
I thought at the beginning that it was a little boring, but I actually broke a sweat at the end. Vytas never dissapoints me!
Jacqueline W. - -
This is exactly what I need when taking a break from my studies, parenting or moments of stress. Thank You Vytas.
Jessica B. - -
Vytas is a fabulous instructor whose directions make it easy to turn your attention away from the screen and toward focusing more on your practice. I love how much this particular sequence heats up my body and gets me sweaty!
Brandie S. - -
Phew, those hops will get you sweating! Felt great, will definitely do this practice again
Jessica K. - -
This was such a great practice. It was difficult in a sense but not hard or overwhelming. I felt empowered with my hand stands, even though I am new at them!
Great strong practice!
Aylin C. - -
Thank you for a well-sequenced and instructed strength oriented practice!
what a work out!
Melissa B. - -
Love this!!! Once again Vytas leads us through a strong, thoughtful practice! thank you!