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Great Yoga Teaching
Pan-Fey C. - -
Thank you so much for your detailed and nuanced instructions. I discovered you via YogaWorks online streaming classes. I’ve been doing yoga for years and still benefitted from your instructions. My husband and son (level 1) Have learned a lot from your classes as well. Namaste, Fey
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Pan-Fey, That is so wonderful to hear. Sounds like your whole family is doing yoga! Thank you for your kind feedback. I have some newer classes on my Youtube channel: Birgitte Kristen Yoga and Meditation. Warmest, Birgitte
Wonderful Class
Lorri K. - -
I appreciate the length and extent of instruction in this class. Helped me connect my body to the postures in a way I hadn't thought about before.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Lorri, Thank you so much for your feedback. I am happy to hear that the class worked for you. Namaste, B
Elizabeth T. - -
I really appreciated the teacher's wisdom in this class. I thought it was wonderful to have such thorough in-depth instruction for these poses. I agree that this isn't necessarily great for real beginners. I think there are a couple videos that are "intro to 2" or "between 1 and 2" or something and that's how I thought of this. I think of this as great for transitioning to level 2. My main critique is that, for me personally, the beginning of the video did NOT work well. Starting out with the abdominal strengthening with little warm up was very hard on me. The rest of the video felt really good.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your constructive feedback. Namaste, Birgitte
Perfect for Rediscovering Yoga
Terri H. - -
I haven't actively practiced for some time, and this class is a perfect place for me to start. Holding the standing poses for the specified lengths of time is very challenging, but the explanations for how to get into poses and the recommended adjustments are excellent. Recommended for a beginner only if you are already active.
90 minutes, not 33
Marilyn D. - -
This video was in my recommendations and listed as 33 minutes long. It's actually 90. I made it through half-way and enjoyed it so far. It's very slow and soothing. Hopefully they correct the time so people can plan better!
Challenging for true beginners
Christina B. - -
A great class- but very challenging for a true beginner! Holding poses for 5-10 breaths is, in my mind, an advanced practice. There was no to hold the pose only as long as you could maintain good form - no suggestion as to which pose might be best to rest in if you couldn't hold the pose for so long. I split the class in half - adding in a warm up for the second half the next day. But, all that said- I'm sure I'll return to it. It's a great class to both learn and to prefect poses.
Great for coming back to the poses
Kenneth G. - -
I'm somewhere between levels 1-2 and I found this practice to be less active than I was hoping...but it was good to hold poses and really become aware of them. A nice refresher to come back to every so often.
Agreed! Great class!
Lien I. - -
I love how this sequence gets right into it by starting off with some solid work on the core muscles, before slowly moving through the full flow, allowing you to truly work on the alignment of those crucial basic poses. Any recommendations for a class that would be a suitable follow-up to this one?
Great class!
Julie w. - -
I loved this full length beginners practice.
Slow and Steady
Eden J. - -
This was a great and much needed routine that helped me remember the basics and hold positions for longer periods of time. I very much enjoyed the practice. thank you!!!