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Leila K. - -
Exactly what I needed. I have been practicing yoga less because I was focusing my time on surfing, and then started going back to into an office a couple of weeks ago. This just freed my whole body from the tightness and aches that come from being desk-bound. Thank you thank you!
Great 👍🏽
Eleonora G. - -
Thank you so much! Great strong class!
Mellow Flow
Sara C. - -
Jesse's classes are my absolute FAVORITE. This one is definitely slow. Nice, long holds, and lovely sequence. Only one sun B, definitely a gentler practice (for Jesse's style), and second side holds are all a bit shorter. Added some backbends at the end, because in some ways this flow felt a bit "incomplete" but otherwise amazing and highly recommend. Side bar: shout out to Jocelyn, because clearly "Surprise Party Flow" was filmed in the same day as this sequence!
Just what I needed!
Susan D. - -
I haven't been practicing as much as I like and this got me right back where I wanted to be - the holds are just challenging enough and Jesse's teaching style is wonderful - encouraging and coaxing, but not at all boring. I'll be back for more!
Debbie H. - -
Loved the pace, loved the holds, loved the class!!! thank you
broke a sweat
Monika K. - -
holding the poses just long enough. great class, will do again!
Another great one from Jesse!
Lenora H. - -
I just love Jesse Schein! She's just like - yeah this is hard, but it'll all be OK. And you're getting stronger, so it's all good. I just love that about her.
Challenges Muscle Strength
Sandra S. - -
Slow doesnt mean easy. I could feel my muscles strengthening in the longer holds. Great class to add to my weekly rotation.
Great challenging but mellow class
Lindsey R. - -
Great for a day when you want a slow, challenging class.