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Great level 2 workout
Courtney P. - -
This was a well paced and enjoyable practice. By the time we got to the dolphin poses at the end, I was struggling to keep up. Definitely pushed me, but didn't exhaust me. I will practice this again. Thank you David!
Fantastic Workout
Farley L. - -
David is my favorite teacher at YogaWorks. He is super great at explaining each movement and the importance of each step and how it impacts your body. I get an amazing sweat-filled workout and feel amazing afterwards. Hands down the best instructor IMHO!!
Full Body Burn
Angelika S. - -
Great flow. Thank you.
Clarity, strength, and fun
Maria M. - -
This class was just what I was looking for to feel strengthened, energized, and ready to start the day :) Kim's guidance is very clear, allowing you to be mindful of your breath and your form.
excellent cardio!
Sanae G. - -
thank you!!
Paulina P. - -
OMG, I got exactly what I wanted. You will sweat, and work those muscels with David
Fantastic and exactly what I've been looking for!
Laura M. - -
I've enjoyed several classes but this, THIS class...! Wonderful cues, amazing flow, upbeat, knowledgeable, easy to follow instructor. I would follow this instructor!!
Strong class!
Fernanda D. - -
I remembered practicing this class as soon as I joined myyogaworks and I felt so tired and drained out because my earlier practice used to be very basic and slow. Today I repeated it and what a difference, I enjoyed much more than suffered. A great complete class. Thanks David!
Annette R. - -
Love this class. David gives clear instruction in this wonderful strengthening flow class!
Fantastic Flow and Holds
Marissa H. - -
Absolutely loved this video. Perfect balance of flows and poses. Thank you, David!
Great flow for stepping it up
Lien I. - -
This is a strong flow you can come back to over and over again, as you can challenge yourself more or less with each of the poses with clear instruction. Wonderful teaching.
Emilie M. - -
Awesome instruction, David! Being newer to the practice, it was very easy to follow along!
Good Flow
Casey K. - -
Love David's classes! Good flow and good instruction! Just as a head's up he does not guide you into Savasana
SO Good!
Amy H. - -
Love the strong balances and twists in this class. Excellent guidelines for Crescent, Warrior 1 set-ups, where I always tend to have balance problems. Thanks, David.
Athens T. - -
Thank you David!! Wonderful class! :)
Great class but...
Annette R. - -
Love this class but the video stutters throughout the second half of the class.
Kathleen Y. - -
Great class. Perfect blend of strength and flow. Never losing your breath. Great instructions. David is one of my favorite teachers online here.
Perfect amount of strength and mindfulness!
Tatum P. - -
Great blend of challenging poses with mindful movement. Great flow to wake you up in the morning! Thanks, David!
Anne O. - -
David is by far one of my favourite instructors on this site. So challenging with great direction where you just listen. His cues are perfect. The title of this does not lie! Awesome start to my day! Thank you!
Laura R. - -
Really like David , his teachings are so right on !!!!
Great body knowledge
Vanessa M. - -
Great class David, you give a strong sense of knowing the body. My lower back popped right before you said it would ! ;-)
Linda B. - -
David, I love your classes! You give such clear instructions. I've been doing yoga for years and felt stagnated,. But since I started doing your classes, I've noticed huge improvements in my form, strength and understanding. Thank you!
Alice B. - -
David is a great teacher...I love all his classes!
Good for dudes!
Chad R. - -
David, I have done a few of your classes now and appreciate the visuals your words paint. I find that I do not have to constantly look to the screen to find the correct pose. Also, you have great modifications for guys. This is a great video for guys to help them increase flexibility while still maintaining strength!
Elizabeth C. - -
Excellent class. I like your gentle instruction. Great instructor!
Great sequence!
Katherine T. - -
Love this sequence and the alignment cues - thanks David!
Tina H. - -
great class! builds heat and strength at a nice pace.
Feeling wonderful!
Sabine G. - -
Another one of Davids great classes! Thanks so much!
Dorothy W. - -
Wow, David, what an effective challenging yet doable class! Targeted key areas in such a timely fashion. Thank you!
Leigh R. - -
This is a challenging class that leaves you feeling oh so wonderful at the end. David is such a great teacher, his cues are perfect. I was able to do a few things Ive never done before thanks to his instruction. I cant wait to do this class again. Thanks, David for another rewarding class!
Love this class!
Mary N. - -
Started just 10 days ago. Discovered this class yesterday. Davids cues are great; I was able to get into bakasana on the first try!
Kristen K. - -
David leads an amazing workout! It feels like every muscle was worked and stretched. Thank you!!!!
Patrizia M. - -
This is a pretty challenging class. Very strengthening of the deeper muscular structure of the entire body. I love Davids teaching: clear, precise and very supportive.