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Chona C. - -
thank you. so fun , excellent workout. love it so much
What is this?
Maria L. - -
Are we in 1990? This workout, not yoga obviously, reminds me of something (not good) from the past. The structure of the class is so old-fashioned and lacks of proper technique and body alignment. If I wanted to do a sweaty workout with squats, burpees and lunges, I would not have visited but a crossfit box instead.
Good workout but no arms or stretching
Laura W. - -
Good workout (not yoga) but no arms or stretching after.
Get Your Heart Rate Up
Sarai C. - -
Great short class for a quick burst of exercise. I appreciated the incorporation of yoga poses and emphasis of form over speed.
Megan M. - -
Excellent workout for a short time and not too hard.
Ariane d. - -
I couldn’t run today but Brandon left me feeling great in both mind and body! Thank you /\ ;-)
Great Option
Sarah M. - -
Great alternative to a flow class and a nice way to get my heart rate up without a run. I definitely feel stronger after the class.
Awesome woekout!
Jess R. - -
I’m so happy such an amazing fitness class is available on this site as I was looking for something to pair with my yoga sessions without having to pay for another subscription. The trainer, the exercises, and the cueing are all top notch! I absolutely adored this workout and will definitely come back to it again and again.
Fun time - Nice crosstrain for yoga
Kelly S. - -
This added balance to my regular flow, these are really nice to help me gain endurance I need without having to pay for yet another service. The cuing was on-point and encouraging.
Great addition to the traditional 'yoga' YogaWorks classes
Natasha W. - -
Love the energy, pacing and straightforwardness of this workout. A great accompaniment to a traditional yoga practice, as cross training is key to movement longevity!
Not yoga, but super fun!
Charmaine W. - -
Ok so everyone seems to be complaining about this not being yoga. Fair enough. It doesn’t actually use the word flow or ashtanga or anything else, it’s says full body fitness. And if you’ve done anything with Brandon or ever googled him, you’ll know what he’s about. If you want a traditional flow, this isn’t it. That being said, I loved this class! Just like I love his other classes. It’s a wonderful “up early get the blood flowing with just a glisten of sweat so you’re ready to conquer your day” workout, that doesn’t feel like you need to see several medical professionals when you’re done! Thank you Brandon and Yogaworks. I enjoy having this in my kit bag for days when I need to wake up and get energised and feel like I did a CrossFit workout, without actually doing CrossFit :)
This is not yoga.
Sonia G. - -
i wasted my time this morning.
Fitness Class
Lauren L. - -
This is a good fitness class but not a yoga practice. If you want fitness this is for you, if you want yoga and flow, perhaps better to follow up with a flow practice
Not yoga
Joyce B. - -
It’s great for a workout, but not what I wanted first thing in the morning
Full body futness
Susan H. - -
Not what I'd call Yoga but alas it says. Full body fitness ... a good change and/or addition to my routine; liked the variations for jumping, hopping and stepping ... something's for every bidy😀
Maria B. - -
This is not Yoga!
Short, efficient fitness class
Bettan S. - -
I love that there are fitness classes on myyogaworks as well, since I like variety. And this is good for travelling, which makes it even better. You don't even need a mat. And it is well-rounded!
Barbara S. - -
Absolutely fantastic!
Finally! A great fitness class that breaks a sweat!
Mindy P. - -
Brandon's classes are straightforward and well-paced. He is the first myyogaworks instructor to help me break a sweat at home. These are the classes that were missing from the mix. Thank you!
Live video classes
Sonja G. - -
Dear Yogaworks, Would love to see some live video classes from Vinnie or Mia. Any plans do offer this soon?
A terrific, efficient workout
Helene L. - -
Incorporating yoga, kickboxing, balance work and cardio in an efficient workout that gets the heartrate going. Give it a try, you may enjoy it, too!
too slow
Katleen H. - -
I like some of these classes that aren't as "yoga-y", but this one felt disjointed and not that creative. Sorry!
Heart Rate Up
Sarah M. - -
A great combo of squats, balancing exercises, and planks. A nice break from a traditional flow class, and a quick way to get your heart beating.
How is this yoga?
Michelle J. - -
This is not Yoga, it’s a bit kick boxing, Bootcamp, etc. but not Yoga. Please don’t loose sight of Yoga. If anything, focus more on the mobility work in a programmed workout rather than the commercialized cardio. Again, this was NOT Yoga.
Wow! Great workout in 17 minutes
Becky D. - -
This is an excellent morning workout, helping with strength, heart rate AND balance. Brandon is a skillful, encouraging teacher too!
Not a yoga session, but an excellent, cheerfully-led workout
Seanan F. - -
This is not a yoga class. Drawing on fitness and reliant on a basic knowledge of yoga, it is a good all-over workout that gets the muscles, lungs and heart working. Brandon Anthony is an upbeat teacher--an energetic drill sergeant with a smile, a convivial attitude, and a get-things-done-well goal.
Heart Pumping
Pam C. - -
This is not a traditional yoga flow but definitely gets your heart pumping! Good leg and butt workout.
Cait M. - -
Good quick workout that gets the heart pumping with lots of squats and lunges. Not a yoga flow.