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Layna C. - -
I am so excited to have this class!!!!!!🙏
Sydni A. - -
This kicked my butt, especially the core work! Even though it was really challenging, Papo’s guidance was steady and calm. Definitely will come back to this!
Love it!
Katinka C. - -
Love this class. Challenging but also calming. Love the mix of flow and longer holds. So glad to see another 90 min flow class on here. Thank you Papo for this wonderful class! If you could add some more 90 min classes that would be wonderful.
Cindy R. - -
I really enjoy your style of teaching/facilitating-such a calm voice, even using good manners throughout. I appreciate that you address much more than just movement and impart words of wisdom as great reminders to our approach to all parts of our lives as yoga is designed to do.
Karie L. - -
I want to reinforce what other commenters have said about how great it is to have another 90-minute flow class on this site. I'm especially glad to have another practice that offers considerable physical (and thus mental) challenge in an extended format.
Patrizia M. - -
This practice starts off very nicely with lots of calm and slow opening postures and then it starts to flow and transition into several challenging sequences. The poses aren't unusual however the way they are combined requires a lot of focus and strength, particularly the core section in the middle. Papo's guidance is clam, never rushed, very present and focused and helped me to 'stay with it'. I really feel like every part of my body has been addressed and 'worked'.
Aqua W. - -
calming but boring and repetetive
Jeffrey S. - -
I have been waiting for a strong 90 min for so long! Wonderful flow class that leaves you calm and invigorated. Please make more of them.
Thank you Papo!
Megan R. - -
Just what I needed! It was really nice to see a new 90 minute flow on here, there aren't enough. Perfect steady flow class!
LOVE! More 90 min flows please!
Brea T. - -
This was a spectacular practice. Felt very strong but never rushed. More 90 minute classes please! Yoga Works has the best teachers <3
Papo's Full Body Flow
Kimberly R. - -
Finally, the long awaited 90 minute flow with Papo's humor all the way through. I actually laughed out loud a few times. I'll put this class on repeat.
Lighten up
Nick F. - -
His attitude is a little stiff and breaks up the flow
Jenni W. - -
Wow....this was just what I needed. Loved the sun salutations as a warm up before the challenging sequence. I will come back to this one for sure. Namaste!