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SongLinh Lu - -
I love how the instructor emphasized these poses as the most fundamentally functional poses. It's very helpful for me to know. Will incorporate this series into my daily stretch. Namaste.
Omg That was the best!
Roshonda Caldwell - -
i have been taking Yoga for over 20 years and i have to tell you that was the best beginner class i have ever taken. i really appreciated the way the instructor broke it all down was just what i needed after having a baby and getting back at it. i am moving on to level 2 cause i need so more of that. thanks the best.
unable to watch videos
June Barton - -
unable to watch videos
Judit Makk-Hatzirakleous - -
Great challenge! 13 days done, only 1 left. Making through all these advanced classes I'm left with a stronger core and stronger legs. thanks a lot!
Getting caught up!
Melinda Ehrlich - -
OMG the first three advanced days back to back make for a KILLER sequence. I'm dead in the best way.
Great foundation
Andrew Short - -
Good to be reminded of the basics :)
Level Up
Wendy Hayes - -
This Beyond Fear has been a great way to challenge myself to some Level 2 practices! Definitely enjoying it and realizing I really need to set aside time to practice every day!
D'Anne Brown - -
i am more out of shape than i thought
This is great!
Erica Yacobozzi - -
I often forget the basics but that breaks down each pose and explains each benefit so well!
Just what I needed
Desiree Nelson - -
This is just what I needed to get back into the swing of things! <3
Great Start!
Patty Hall - -
Been needing some structure to get myself to develop a home practice daily. Exactly what I need!!
Veronique Daoust - -
Loving this so far. Enjoying every minute of it :).
great 1st class!
Kami Broyles - -
...and great way to start the challenge!❤
great attitude
carrie crossman - -
I love this instructor's overall attitude....fantastic!
Jamie Miller - -
Not only a great way to end a stressful day, but a great re-start to my practice. :)
Danee Spencer - -
Great foundation work to start the challenge off right!!
Emily Stewart - -
Awesome way to end the day, definitely needed a slow stretch!
Evening's End
Stacy Grafton - -
Perfect way to end my day after a long, stressful day.
Lorelei Clark - -
A great way to start our challenge! We've been away from our yoga for awhile & it was the perfect ice breaker!
Starting point
Micky Gogan - -
This was a very helpful start and gave me insight into where my body is starting from...yikes! Thank you for such an appropriate 1st class.
The Beginning of a New Life
James Roberson - -
Looking forward to the challenge and the beginning of a new way of life!
Simply Functional
Svetlana Anthony - -
Thanks for this short and really functional class! Focusing on alignment with no rush, it just makes you feel different. It feels like being challenged Beyond Fear and satisfied with the result!
Alexeyeva Smith - -
Thank you for a great class! This was the perfect start for the challenge. :) Namaste.
Beyond Day 1
Rae Case - -
Let's get started!! Looking forward to getting beyond fear in this 14 day challenge.
Day 1 Beyond Fear
Maggie Shanahan - -
I am very sore from a circuit training class I took over the weekend. This short functional practice has helped stretch out those aching muscles. Thanks!
Day 1 of 14
Stacey Haefele - -
This is my first day the two week Yoga Challenge to Face Fear. Thanks for easing me into a daily practice, Vytas!
Thank you
Veronica McNeil - -
I will be doing this more often. I am very new to yoga. I want to increase my strength and flexibility.
Tips on pulling motions?
Brian Sharon - -
Thanks so much for this, Vytas. I've been using your videos to kickstart the new year, and I'm really enjoying your teaching style. Do you have any tips on poses that work pulling motions, as well? I know pulling isn't a big part of most yoga practices, but I'm wondering if there's a way to incorporate it somehow?
So helpful
Angie Smith - -
Basic and straightforward - great class!
Thank you!
Ruth Jones - -
I've been looking for a way to learn the basics. Now I found it! Awesome video that I can practice everyday!
Great class!
Sherri Freedman - -
Always important to go back to basics. I love the reminder that small adjustments make a big difference! Thanks.
I'm back!
Karen Schwartz - -
and thanks, to Vytas, for helping me get there! a calm re intro to my long ago practice ....