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Fun, challenging, and a proper shavasana
Lisa Frantzen - -
This was a really fun and challenging (grasshopper?!) class - thank you! I also loved that you did a full shavasana at the end. Most of the videos skip through that, but it is so important. I will be returning to this class!
Diana Faillace - -
wonderful sequences. Nice strong flow
great, fun sequence
Bridget Truxillo - -
fun sequence and great practice
Plenty of Movement and fun tranisitons
Joanne Duehren - -
I've done this a couple of times now and do enjoy the transitions. It's important to me that I feel like I got a "good workout" in as well; a bit sweaty and elevated heart-rate. I consider it a moderate level 2. Would like at least one or two arm balances; there is a perfect opportunity for flying pigeon so I added it myself. Thank you Jenny and Yoga Works!
Such fun!
Lisa Pemberton - -
I really enjoyed that combination!
Great class!
Kirsten Bray - -
This was a great class with lots of creative transitions!
Fun Flow
Julia Parker - -
I didn’t get bored at all during the hour so that makes it a really fun flow for me. I’d consider it a solid level 2; some challenge but not too much.
Great Class!
Tatum Berry - -
This was definitely "funky fresh"! As a beginner to level 2, it was challenging but there were modifications included to help. The class was fun and I loved that we were always moving!
FUNKY Indeed!
Carla Isabel Paredes - -
Megan Nash - -
I love the unusual flows and transitions in this class! You have to stay present and on your toes listening to the instruction because this is not an autopilot vinyasa class. I normally turn off longer classes halfway through out of boredom, but not with this class. It kept me totally engaged from start to finish. Highly recommend!
Fun and Funky
Serena Pritchard - -
It was a fun class, wanting to believe I’m a level 2 yogi, I had a challenge with some of the flow, the second time I did the class I did much better. I look forward to doing it again.
Will Need to Practice
Lynn Moore - -
Love this class. I feel very energized, but will need to do it several times to really get the glow.
Love this Class
Leah Reagan - - (edited)
This class is fun and can be easily modified. I’d love to see more of this type of classes. Jenny hit the right spots. Adding this to my playlist.
Very different and fun!
Linda Miller - -
This is exactly the class I need when I don't want to go to the studio! Thanks!!
Anissa Tekelenburg - -
Truly enjoyed this flow. As previous comments stated, more of this instructor would be wonderful!
sherry turkel - -
Please add more classes like this . Level 3 please. This was a fresh fun and different class. Some parts unable to follow. The flipping not really necessary but had a good chuckle
sherry turkel - -
Please add more classes like this . Level 3 please. This was a fresh fun and different class. Some parts unable to follow. The flipping not really necessary but had a good chuckle
That's the class!
Class where we can find the seal of YOGAWORKS! love it!
Fun & Refreshing
Eunkyung Lee - - (edited)
Loved the class. It was fun, creative and different than typical flow classes you see here, which can be predictable and generic. Please add more classes like this.
Excellent flow!
Ana Ortega - -
More classes please!
Taz Burmeister - -
This class is so yreat thank you so much. Really fun and refreshing i feel amazing. A little hard to see the students because of the back light from the windows though..
Sue Warhaftig - -
Thank you Jenny. Your class was perfect for me. I hope to find lots more of your classes!
Jennifer Clarke - -
Fun,and challenging! Loves the different poses and transitions. Please have more like this class on Yogaworks . Thanks
very challenging
Irene Penrose - -
Fun, chanlleging unsual flow and sometimes difficult to follow since we turn our back to the video. I had to smile and not take myself seriously, and had to pose to catch my breath.
Fun and challenging
Mi Tran - -
This was a creative sequence that provided a moderate level of challenge. The transitions between poses are fun to learn.
so creative and fun!
MARY Donovan - -
what a special class. A little strong to keep up with, but I learned a lot about non-attachment within myself. Thank you and more, please. Mary
Cathy Dario - -
Loved this fun flow! Learned new, unique transitions that I'll definitely integrate in my own classes. Hope to see more classes like this on MyYogaWorks! :)