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Great savasana
Letty Nelson - -
Wonderful gentle flow well rounded class. Complete home video practice giving time to practice savasana. Thank you!
Feels amazing if you need a gentle flow
Dina Finta - -
I come back to this practice over and over again when I am feeling under the weather or just need a nice peaceful practice!
Lovely and thoughtful class
Tiffany Canady - -
Thank you, Gigi!! Namaste
Great Evening Warm Down
Dannette Williams - -
This was a great ease into the evening...peaceful and calm. Won't ever use for a morning start...need more of a lift but it will be an excellent go to when I need to calm down after a stressful day
Just a Little Too Gentle
Holly Ladd - -
There was a lot to good stretching and breath work and some interesting basic flow sequences, but it was not enough for me. No warrior poses, no triangle pose, no balancing poses. Great if you want something really, really gentle.
joan jordan - -
how do i cancel this membership?
My favorite morning practice
Janicke Stramer - -
Thank you for this wonderful class. It's become my go-to morning practice. Love the soothing warm and gentle voice of this instructor. Gigi gives lots of great options for modifications, making yoga accessible for anyone. The gentle flow of it, makes it a true mindful yet energizing practice!
Like a warm hug for my soul
Ann Boots - -
This was the practice I needed today after a month off of yoga (and a recovering from a challenging level 2 class the other day). I've been stressed and emotional lately and this practice helped to slow things down and calm my mind. I found a few moments a little challenging, which helped to heat and tone my body. The instructor has a calm, soothing voice and not too chatty. Just the right amount of instruction with lots of options for adjustments.
julianna lyddon - -
I love this teacher! What a nice Sunday practice:)
Hailey Brown - -
My first time starting yoga back up, and it was nice and gentle. Loved this video! Thank you!
Calming practice
John Schmidt - -
Nice and gentle, can be hard to hear at times even with volume at highest.
Relaxing and Instructional
Jackie Callander - -
I loved this video. It was so calming with gentle stretches!
Great gentle sequence
Melody Woolford - -
I really enjoyed this gentle flow sequence, and the inclusive warm nature of the instructor. I also enjoyed the option for "expressive breathing" like Lion Breath in certain poses, which was just what I needed today. Thank you
Sharon Skok - -
I really liked this class and instructor. It was a little slower paced than I am used to (I am not a level 1 yogi but I am injured so wanted to try something different) but I really appreciated Brigitte not rushing to get too much done in the time frame - smooth pace with lots of detail for modifications and breath work options. It has a beautiful quality of allowing the class to be whatever someone needs it to be with the options presented for the student. This is a great class for beginners to understand what yoga is all about - that we take modifcations for our individual body, information about breathing, and a sense of ease of attitude while doing the work. I will check out her other classes
Samantha Haymes - -
Perfect morning flow. Just what I needed. Namaste.