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Trinette F. - -
A painful, but highly effective 13 minutes!
Feel the burn
Nishani P. - -
Just what I needed today!
Elizabeth B. - -
Wow, I have strong legs but never realized how weak those areas of me were. And I never realized how much I pointed my toes to compensate in workouts!
Charlene L. - -
Just what I needed from so much forward folding in yoga. Love you Holly! Simple yet powerful!
Feel the burn!
Daryl N. - -
3rd time doing. This muscle group was not getting enough attention. Sitting all day then walking for leg exercise is not enough. I also really iike the added note that this can help stabilize the knee.
Nick F. - -
Loved it
Rachel J. - - (edited)
Just what I needed to strengthen my side glutes! Reminded me of a mini barre workout. The cues about the feet were very helpful. Who knew the feet try and take over for the glutes 😂 Thank you!
Vicki T. - -
Just did this again for the second time. Deceptively simple, extremely challenging.
Burn Baby Burn!
Colette M. - -
This video is the best! Challenging But doable! Love that it is floor work! No lunges required! Love Holly’s videos!
Return Again and Again
Katie C. - -
I love this video and find myself returning to it again and again because the workout is effective, the pace of the sequences is manageable to follow, and there is a lot of emphasis on proper alignment...Thank you!
Tobi M. - -
Challenging video. My glutes are burning. Definitely a favourite.
SUPER challenging!
Kiran S. - -
Very challenging 13 minutes! Will continue to work on this one!
the BURN!
Ana A. - -
wow I had no idea this would be this challenging for me yet it's very simple and easy to follow. Will be doing this one again!
The Best!
michaela m. - -
Wow! This one gets me every time!!! Love Holly's stuff! More please!
Samira E. - -
Great workout. She doesn't talk too much she does an awesome job and it burns!!!
Katie B. - -
Really love this video. Have weak glutes and knee issues, so this is exactly what I need. Thanks Holly! Would love more videos from you.
Tamara G. - -
Most amazing 13 minute video. I actually lie in one place and courageously try to keep up with Holly. It's such a hard routine, I figure I'll just keep doing it. One day I might even keep up. :) Thanks for giving me something to work for!
Holly R. - -
holly inspires me!
Woo! My Butt is in love.
Penny G. - -
Seldom does a workout speak the language of love to your butt. This one does! Mine has been a little low lately (sagging) but I suspect regular application of this video will have it bouncing back in no time. :)
Harder than it seems!
Laura M. - -
Wow, this was great! I do a lot of medial glute work to keep things active for my lifting routine, but this kicked my butt (pun kind of intended). This will definitely be my go to routine for those poor, often sleepy glutes.
Most Effective 10 minutes!
Anne K. - -
Wow is this a surprisingly tough workout for the glutes! My PT recommended a glute workout every other day for my lower back, and this is perfect. A shout out to Holly Jean! (When I'm not moaning in pain, that is.)
Feel That Burn!
Amber C. - -
Great side glute work! Thank you!
Erin R. - -
Wow, she doesn't mess around. This is a great glute work out in such a short amount of time. I love it. I'm definitely going to continue doing it!
Holy Glutes!
Emily I. - -
This is a great 10 minutes quicky. My boyfriend and I have been doing this least once a week for about 6 weeks now and I can feel the difference it makes in my regular practice. We turn to it when neither of us want to commit to our regular workouts. It's a good 10 minutes that packs a punch!
Suzi S. - -
This was so perfect for me (even though I had to take tons of breaks). I could really feel those glutes working!!
Elise T. - -
This work out is great! I've taken Holly's class in person several times and it's the best Pilates I've ever taken. I would love love love more ab exercise vids! (I don't have the right props for the videos up now)
Allison M. - -
Great glute work for knee injury recovery. Hope to see more. Thank you!
Cortney C. - -
This is an incredible workout for the glutes - a well-known trouble area. Thank you Holly!