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Complete workout!
Corinne O. - -
I have done this twice now and aside from my monkey mind in some poses...this is a very well rounded practice that leaves me shaking in the end, with that “I just had a workout” kind of feeling! Loved it!
Betty K. - -
Great sequences, excellent instruction! Love this class
Excellent Flow
Hilary B. - -
Really enjoyed this video. Challenging. Great cues, but not too much extra talking. Loved this class.
Kara R. - -
Would love more classes with Jocelyn! Fantastic teacher
Great Morning Flow
Cheryl R. - -
A great morning flow. I felt like it went at a good pace and really stretched out my entire body.
Energizing Flow
Jessica E. - - (edited)
Great flow session that can be done anytime of day! Strong poses, good balance.
Easy Flow but well rounded
Jennifer H. - -
Good thorough flow. Thought there were some pauses right after you said to keep moving then you take a long pause again...would rather keep it moving
Patrizia M. - -
excellent well-rounded practice
Bridget T. - -
great flow, instructor and cues. I'll be coming back to this one.
Very nice to start the day
Ebru B. - -
I did this class on 1st Jan as first thing in the morning. It was really great to start up the day & the year! Will re-visit for sure! Thanks Jocelyn and would love to see more class from you at MyYogaworks!
Nice morning flow
Kathy S. - -
Good easy flow
Excellent flow
Wendy P. - -
I’ve been looking for a good morning flow class to get me going. Challenging without being too strenuous this class did the trick. This will definitely be one of my go to classes.
Strong 2/3
Heather W. - -
This was a very well-rounded strong class. Balance, opening, strength-building...definitely feeling warm and open now!
Jenny W. - -
I started this service just for Jocelyn's classes, and they do not disappoint. Such a strong and supportive flow. Love it! Thanks, Jocelyn!
Brea T. - -
I really enjoyed this class. It was a lovely challenging level 2 flow.
Full body intensive
Shrikanth G. - -
Loved the pace and intensity of this class. Midway thru the session, I was craving for some Ashtanga style poses - Marichis, Padmottanasanas. Overall quite a session for a full body workout. Thank you!
My Fourth Online MyYogaWorks Class!
Catherine A. - -
I liked the transition to Warrior 3. Managed to keep my balance for a change. Will come back to this class. Thank you.