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Katleen H. - -
I like classes that work my butt ;)
Breathing Makes all the Difference!
Marguerite R. - -
Just taking a minute to cue the breathing at the beginning of class made such a huge difference. I felt so much more present and could get deeper into all the postures. Feeling open now.
I like your style
Joyce Y. - -
Smoothie and easy to follow ☮️
Hard but worth it!
Jamie G. - -
Really solid class, it's a challenge every time but I always feel better after doing it!
Namaste, dude.
Ginger L. - -
Great flow. You smoked me but kept me stretched out. Thanks!
Susan C. - -
Nice challenge! I’ll be adding this to my weekly regimen! Thanks Papo!
More from Papo!
John D. - -
I am a huge fan of Papo's classes. They are challenging but I've never felt discouraged. I've made huge strides with my practice as I build the strength for new poses each class. A wonderful person in and out of the classroom, I am so happy to be able to take his classes again as I was a regular at the Westwood location and moved a couple years ago.
Solid alignment cues
Kera D. - -
This is a strong sequence with opportunities to go deeper along the way. Good heat building, lovely flows, and long-ish holds. Works the whole body, not just glutes and abs. Lots of talking but his cues are extremely helpful, even for seasoned practitioners.
More like this!
Taz B. - -
I would love to see moreclasses from Papo...maybe even some 1hr classes?
Glutes and abs
farideh e. - -
Glutes and abs What a wonderful simple affective sequence and I love the way she talks the most soothing voice as well thank you Popo
Excellent class!
Julie T. - -
Papo’s class is well-sequenced and invigorating. Smart transitions and modifications throughout. Highly recommend—I’ve already added it to my “favorites” list!