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Comforting practice
Ann B. - -
Like a big hug.
I feel so much better
Julie T. - -
I felt heavy and sad all day, and I'm so glad I made the space for myself in this class to heal. I feel so much closer to peace, and much more calm.
Loved it!
Elaina L. - -
This was excellent! I wasn’t trying to heal from anything I just found it very relaxing before bed.
Very Helpful
Eric W. - -
Thank you Sarah. I have been dealing recently with grief as well as trying to release some other long-standing issues, and this practice was excellent. The forward folding into oneself supports the "coming home" process and the restoration poses were revelatory. Your voice and manner are kind and gentle. Namaste.
A. A. - -
Very great when you've gone through something where you don't feel like even opening up your mat. Sarah's video got me to finally get out the mat and start moving again. Thankful.
Kim C. - -
Thank you. A very supportive movement sequence for opening the body when life is full of challenge and growth.
Beautiful, grounding
cindi z. - -
This class is so beautiful, and so necessary. Thank you Sarah, for helping me get through a very, very tough time. This class was a tiny gift. I would love to see more classes from you, especially ones like this that can help with anxiety and depression. Namaste~
Linda K. - -
I loved this video. Really relaxing and restorative. Your calm voice and presence is wonderfully healing!!
Thank you
Connie J. - -
I'm grateful for your practice, thank you
perfect for release of depression
Ozella O. - -
The movements were simple and recuperative. Made me feel like I did something big, when I didn't want to do anything at all. namaste.
Alexis H. - -
Releases even small losses.
Karen N. - -
Needed this more than I realized. The instructor was so kind and caring. Fabulous time spent.
Elizabeth G. - -
Very sweet and gentle flow. I'm working with a loss and I didn't know I needed this until I saw it. Excellent sequence to assist with breathing and grounding in a tough time.
Michelle B. - -
Exactly what I have need as I grieve a great loss. The practice allowed me to move and care for myself. Sarah, your teaching was so personal, loving, and compassionate. Thank you
Loved it
gillian d. - -
Really needed this, thank you. Loved the instructor's confidence and kindness. Wonderful half hour.