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Intense and funny!
Eda E. - -
You're great David! Thank you.
Eva T. - -
I feel like David is less mellow than other teachers. He's like you SHOULD do this, it would be ideal... other teachers encourage you more to do what your body needs.
David Lynch is the best
Tracy D. - -
David is the best and always makes me smile if not outright laugh while practicing. I miss his classes in studio but this is a great substitute!
Mara G. - -
So nice to reconnect with a David Lynch class. Just what I needed, Thank you!
Chris A. - -
Thank you David!!
time flies
Hara P. - -
felt like 10min. Every single time I enjoy Mr. David's classes and sequences. Thank you :)
Great practice!
Susie B. - -
Really, one of my favorites. David makes you try harder and laugh while you are doing it.
Love it!
Fernanda D. - -
David has such a good sense of humor that made me laugh in ardhachandrasana...awesome pratice...I was not expecting to be hard but it was. Deep and hard...thanks a lot David...
Safe transitions
Zepure k. - -
David’s voice is very soothing& calming that lets u transition safely in between the poses .
good one
Christine C. - -
Love David's touches of humor to bring a smile to his yogis.
Aimee R. - -
David is on fire and we are all the better for it! Thanks!
Kaley T. - -
that was incredible!
Christina M. - -
Wonderful class! Again, the perfect David Lynch combo of fun and challenging. Added it to my collection. And thank you for staying with us for the entire savasana!
Always Delivers
Simon G. - -
Mr. Lynch your sequencing, especially the jump switch was a work of art kind Sir!!! Thank you;)
Valerie W. - -
The instructor made me laugh throughout, and the sequence made me feel light. Thank you!
Last month of Spring!
Skevi T. - -
This was a really hot session! Just loved it ! Thnk u David!
Kelly S. - -
Surprisingly difficult, but a nice challenge! Great for working on balance.
Good morning. I'm awake now!
Lisa T. - -
I'm slowly incorporating a home practice into my yoga routine. Morning practice is always the most challenging but with classes and teachers like this, it's quite enjoyable. Thank you, David!
Happy New Year David
Margaret W. - -
It is my birthday today, and I just treated myself to this wonderful and challenging session with our dear David. Thank you for all you taught me during YTT and what you continue to teach. Namaste and Happy New Year.
Challenging and light hearted
Ann M. - -
David is my new favorite instructor! This class takes you through a great sequence allowing you to visit half moon three times from three different ways, plenty of vinyasa and up dogs if you like that aspect of yoga. His humor is unbeatable!
Adding to my Go-To Practices
Jade M. - -
Love this class~ I'm thrilled to have this to add to my go-to playlist. Perfect length, level, variety. Like the other comments said- great sense of humor, etc. Thank you David!
Margaret L. - -
My new favorite teacher. Thank you David.
Entertaining and exihierating
Mary F. - -
Love David's classes - you work hard, you laugh, the time flies and you feel great. Thank you!
great practice
Patrizia M. - -
David i such a good teacher. I love how he pushes you but also allows you to be the judge of ho far you really want/can go. So it's an invitation yet never an obligation Also, I enjoyed the repetition of the poses, going deep always produces great results for me. Thanks.:)
Teryl D. - -
Love this guy. Thx David. Great class
Great Class
Jennifer G. - -
It's great to have my old teacher at my fingertips. Wonderful class David, just what I needed today!
Smile as You Yoga
Amy H. - -
I love David's descriptions and humor: "reach out as if you're reaching for a loved one, 'don't go, don't go.'" Perfect. Got my spine long and arm out! Thanks, David, for your quick wit, gentle instruction and great sequences.
Great Class
Lindsey R. - -
I really enjoyed the sequencing and the allowance of time to explore each variation. Also, David has a great voice and amusing ways of describing positions!
Michelle L. - -
good strength building of the legs and core. fun.
Michelle L. - -
good strength building of the legs and core. fun.
Penny G. - -
I took David's class last night at Yogaworks and tonight I got to take class with him again at home. So cool. Love his humor...he keeps it light and the instruction is perfect.
Rejuvenating and Invigorating!
Sandra S. - -
Wonderful way to start my morning! Perfect length and intensity. Uplifting!
Love this practice...
G G. - -
and your humor. I blame Willy Nilly! Namaste