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Airee K. - -
Took a few classes on this site. She is probably my favorite so far, but I’ll keep exploring :)
Viyada S. - -
such a great practice. instructor is great.
Wonderful Morning Ritual
Heidi B. - -
Lovely way to start the day, simple, stretchy and sweet!
Christy W. - -
Very soothing practice. Perfect for this snow day. And perfect practice for my baby to stay on the mat and feel included
Sharon B. - -
Heather- thank you . I've been gone too long and so glad I decided to do your class while traveling to bring me back to a healthful life. You are so helpful on every level.
Michelle S. - -
Was looking for an alternate practice to start my day and this fits the bill perfectly. Thank you, Heather!
Feel great!
Karolina R. - -
For a beginner like me it's just a right amount of twists and turns :) time past really fast. I feel stronger with more energy.
So helpful
Kathryn L. - -
I used to take Heather's class at the Brentwood location. I have moved faraway and have not been doing yoga in such a long time. I woke up at 5:30 and did this class. It made me feel less tight and I felt it was a great way to wake up.
Good Morning for a Good Day
Cynthia E. - -
Excellent for a quick stretch and breathe warm up to set your day!
Lauren M. - -
Starting my day with a smile:)
Gentle Ease
Wendy H. - -
This class was awesome! I have not been well, and I am starting to feel better but not at 100% yet. This was a great class to energize me in the morning for where my body was at and smooth me back into practicing regularly. Thanks!
Very relaxing and uplifting
Marjorie W. - -
Great way to wake up.
Hayleigh Z. - -
Great Sunday morning practice! Thank you Heather!
Anna H. - -
I've been away from yoga for a while so this class was a good ease back into the practice. Thank you!
Birgitte K. - -
Thank you Heather.
Kate M. - -
That was a great way to wake up!
Alison D. - -
Great way to ease into the day.
Laura O. - -
More relaxing than energizing. Good level 1 class.
Lesley L. - -
definitely beginner class, level 1
Great class, but should be Level 1
Ivana P. - -
Great teacher, great class, but more of a level 1
Michaela M. - -
Definitely a level 1
So perfect
Lisa D. - -
Thank you, Heather - this is exactly what I needed this morning!
Nice, ease into the day practice
Lindsay B. - -
This is a great, gentle flow; as others have said, more of a Level 1 than 2, but this is good for any level if you need to slow down and open the body. A good class if you have gone a couple days without practicing.
Perfect for morning
ashley s. - -
Perfecting for the morning when your joints are creaky and you're sore from the previous day. Love her cues.
kind to yourself
Leslie K. - -
this is a very gentle be kind to yourself practice. A nice basic stretch sequins with the focus on self nurturing
mary v. - -
Definitely a level 1. Not very energizing, more relaxing. Good for wind down.
Definitely a level 1
Janet H. - -
A gentle stretch video, with a lot of vocal instruction. Should be re-classified as a level 1 course.
Nice way to start the day
Laurene A. - -
This is a great video to start a day that you may not be quite ready to start. Gentle easy stretches.
Gentle and easy
Alice P. - -
Agree with previous comments that this was more a Level 1 instruction and pace.
Ease into the Day
Stephanie B. - -
Great, easy, gentle flow. Perfect for first thing in the morning. I think this is more of a Level 1, as the poses are all very simple. But perfect for those mornings you wake up stiff and achy.
gentle, more of a level 1
Kera Z. - -
Very sweet, helpful instructions. Pace and postures seem more like a level 1 , which can be really lovely in the morning.
Good Morning
Bianca G. - -
Wonderful for relaxing, weekend mornings!
Great for Morning
Caryn T. - -
Great, easy flow for the morning when you're stiff. More of a Level 1 or 1.5. No need for any props, instructor doesn't mention the use of a block, would be helpful if a block assists you during lunge twists.
Connie J. - -
Thank you for such an amazing class Heather. I located your class and have already practiced five days in a row!! Your instruction is so precise and your voice is calming. Thank you for a wonderful wake up each morning!