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Encouraging teacher
Catherine M. - -
I really lied this class.Alexandra is very precise without using negative examples, only teaching what to do right.
Great Lower Body
Shari T. - -
I have a shoulder injury and have trouble finding classes that I can do at all, since so much yoga in whole-body, but I think I finally found one I can do! This was great. I actually like when poses are held for longer, to build stamina and mental strength, and the poses were exactly what I needed to open up my hips and keep my legs strong. Thank you!
Jennie W. - -
Good hamstring stretch, but almost no psoas work.
Alison T. - -
Nice class with helpful cues to refine poses like warrior 1. True, not much flow but I enjoyed it anyway :))
Not really a flow
Jody W. - -
I have taken other classes from Alexandria and have to say with this one, there was way too much instruction and talking. There was really no flow to the class either. There was a lot of holding in poses while she talked. Maybe it wasn't what I needed today, but I was bored with the class and flowed into different poses while she talked.
Hamstrings Saver
Andrea B. - -
This is so great to stretch the hamstrings and practice neutrally rotated posture. Appreciate the vinyasas to build some heat, as well.
Finally, stability!
Amy H. - -
I've always wobbled and swayed coming into high lunge or warrior 1, but Alexandria 's clear instructions on rolling in the inner thighs and firming the outer hips helped me when other instructors/instructions haven't. Thank you!
Sheila T. - -
Great! Wonderful instruction!
beata a. - -
This is a great class and sequence. Thank you so much.
Alison P. - -
Fabulous instruction
Sasha A. - -
Vince A. - -
This is a great sequence for someone like me who tends to have a bit of a turnout. Such a pleasure to be instructed in the fine points of body mechanics/body position as applied to yoga poses.