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Great class
Fernanda Desai - -
Great class with different arms variations. Thanks Mia!
Liz Armstrong - -
Wow- what a great class. I couldn't do modified wheel but did bridge pose instead. the final resting pose was just right. A great class to wake up shoulders and heart.
Elisa Flowers - -
You are such an excellent teacher! Thank you for another incredible class, that is truly balanced between being challenging and creating mindfulness.
Jessica Leigh - -
This is my new favorite class. Did an excellent job of opening my heart and shoulders while offering just enough sweat-inducing challenge. Thank you!!
Albert Altarovici - -
Andrea Cipolloni - -
Love this practice.
Courtney Dowdell Fleischer - -
Beautiful class.
Open Heart
Adrianne Read - -
This is such a good reminder. Going through some transition right now and it's good to stay open and also heal to make space for new stuff:)
Maria Richard - -
thank you
Great flow and opening
Carolyn Carden - -
Really liked the class, transitions were smooth, class time passed quickly as I really enjoyed all the opening, ahhh.
Evangelia Fragkaki - -
Excellent transitions
Nichole Girard - -
Challenging yet gentle. I will do this over again!
Just what I needed
Aliza Podwol - -
Thank you, Mia, for this class. Ive been healing from heartbreak, and this class helped me feel at peace and not alone.
Perfect for a rainy day
Mia Ross - -
Although I didnt have any overt trauma/heartbreak, I found that the consistent dreary weather weve been having was dampening my spirits. This was uplifting and awakening and challenging. I feel that the stale energy has moved on and Ive made space for something brighter.
Ann Leitz - -
Ahhh… what a way to start my day.
Just What I Needed
Kristal Docter - -
I have gotten away from practicing yoga regularly after practicing nearly every day for the past 8 years, and this heart opening class was just what I needed to remind myself of how wonderful yoga can make you feel.
excellent class
Patrizia Milano - -
Really enjoyed this heart opening and clearing sequence. Very effective and uplifting.
Jessica Hinkle - - back feels sooo much better! Thank you Mia!