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Don't Be Intimidated!
Kevin M. - -
"Level 3?" I thought the sam. You can do it. Vytas is a hell of a motivator. This video is fun, fast and you WILL sweat. It's hard and I'm going to be doing this video a lot.
Carla I. - -
Thanks Vytas! I really really enjoyed this! Especially the things you said during the cooldown. Where can I find more of your classes like this? Namaste.
Great workout!
Arianne C. - -
I really enjoyed this to get my heart rate up and feel great after!
So fun
Rocio V. - -
It was hard. It was so fun.
Krissy W. - -
This was just what we needed to get us pumped up for another day of pandemic pandemonium! Vitas, how do you talk and work so hard at the same time?! Thank you for this. It'll be our morning go-to.
do it
Eric S. - -
If you are reading these comments and thinking you probably shouldn't do it, you probably should. It's going on my playlist.
Cassie H. - -
I am panting as I write this. Just 3 rounds of 3 set hiit workouts with proper yoga stretches in between. Burned 300 calories in 30 minutes. AWESOME!!!
More please!
Amalia D. - -
I need to do this every day!
So this is Plyo!
Simon H. - -
Loved it. More please!
such a good, fun, challenging workout
Bridget T. - -
Love it. I keep coming back to this one and always feel great afterwards. Vytas is the best
Loved this one!
Susie B. - -
Great combination of cardio with a bit of yoga.
Dean L. - -
More like this please. Keeps you busy enough it's over before you know it.
Challenge yourself
Amy L. - -
Definitely a way to grow as Vytas says! Loved this class and will do it again and again. Finished feeling more alive physically and mentally!
tough one
Spyros K. - -
will keep your heart pumping...
I feel amazing!!
Sara K. - -
Wow! What a different and wonderful class! I feel incredible - worked out and stretched. LOVED the yoga breaks in between. Oh yeeeaa!! More of these types of classes please!
Challenging 30 Minutes
greg w. - -
Great sequence, safe and tough plyometrics.
Sara M. - -
I’m in pretty great shape and that still kicked my butt! Thanks Vytas!
Sam S. - -
I loved it! Especially the yoga postures in between
Amazing class - quick results!
Sue J. - -
Such a great class! More of these PLEASE! Did them 4 days in a row and on my usual run on the 5th day I already felt improvement. So good.
Holy Moly!
Kat L. - -
Exactly what I needed to get the lymph and heart flowing, thank you thank you, Sat Nam
I sweated it all out
Lara D. - -
This is a challenging cardio workout for those short on time. It also had some good strength-building moves. Nice to see this on YogaWorks for days we want to focus on a cardio routine.
Carolyn Y. - -
I hated this class because I felt like I wanted to die LOL! j/k Vytas you rock!!!
Melissa B. - -
That was amazing Vytas... you never cease to amaze me and I always learn from you - confronting that which is challenging is how we grow!! Thank you!
Challenging - Must Try
Monica L. - -
Challenging, but great workout. I definitely kept my shoes on. The yoga stretches felt so good after the jumping. I will do this again!
HIIT + Yoga
Sara C. - -
"It's good for us to get comfortable with the things we don't like." Amen. Thanks for getting me outside my comfort zone, V!
katie k. - -
Love it! Thanks Vytas!
So Good!
Bridget T. - -
Great workout and great addition to a yoga practice. Thank you Vytas and yogaworks!
Sydni A. - -
Well that was unexpected. Clicked on this on a whim and had so much fun! More please!
Achieved a Sweat
Jennifer B. - -
I really enjoy the more cardio based ones and this one with each segment was doable yet intense. I love the spurts and that it's 30 minutes so doable before work.
amazing!!!! thank you Vytas!!
Amy G. - -
I LOVED this workout. I do a lot of Vytas's yoga videos and this is such an excellent compliment to them! Perfect for the days when you have energy and want to work hard. The yoga postures in between the intervals was a great way to rest and focus. Much better than the typical HIIT videos that you find on YouTube. Vytas really helps to motivate and encourage you to keep going, while reminding you to always listen to your body and back off if you need to. Please more videos like this!
Awesome workout!
Elena M. - -
I love that there are some HIIT classes on here, with nice yoga poses in between sets to help you recover :) This was perfect 30 minute workout. More like this please! (If you like this, check out Brandon Anthony's workouts on here)