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Great class for hips!
Gina P. - -
Loved how deep the stretch was in my hips
It is exactly what I needed
Huda M. - -
This hip sequence helped in alleviating the tightness in my IT band, and the sequencing was so superb that I could put my for behind my head easlity. Thanks Jenny
Good but more of a stretch class
Julia P. - -
I did feel some intense stretching in my hips but didn’t build any heat if that’s what you’re looking for. If it’s stretching you’d like then this one is great!
Dina F. - -
Even for a level 2 practitioner! Every time I do this, I vow to do it more often. My hips feel so much better after this practice. Thanks!
Great for my back
linda s. - -
I went into this with a lot of tightness in my back and this class really made it all that tightness go away.
Huda M. - -
That class was super awesome. I like to,work hard without a million chaturngas. However, how do,I stabilize my sacrum when I put my leg behind my head as my sacrum was dislocated once
Was more than expected
LaQuita H. - -
I've been lazy since the summer has hit and I've slacked off. This was a great reintroduction to get back on track. I actually broke a sweat with one of the poses. So many videos and options...idk where to go next but I'm gonna love trying
Maureen A. - -
This sequence what wonderful. Not too difficult for a beginner like me..
Ashley O. - -
Just what i needed after a long stressful week! Felt so great afterwards! <3 thanks Jenny!
Alexandria N. - -
Great class. I've been practicing for years and you introduced me to a position I was unfamiliar with and loved it! Thanks!
Sarah B. - -
This is the next best thing to being in class.
challenging hip stretch
Patricia A. - -
Oh Jenny, it is so great to be taking a class with you again. In fact, you are one of the reasons I joined My YogaWorks. I was one of your students at YogaWorks in Soho and I have such good memories of those classes and the individual help you gave me to modify. I have a left knee problem so this was a class in which I had to modify, but it was still a fabulous stretch! Please offer more classes, especially a vinyasa flow. You are an outstanding teacher and I feel blessed to have you again in my yoga life.
Fantastic Hip stretch!
Anne K. - -
Thank you, Jenny! After a day of hiking, this is what my hips needed. First time I took a class of yours, and it was excellent. I'll be back for more!