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Love this sequence!
Laura S. - -
Looove this sequence. Love the creativity that worked beautifully to stabilize and strengthen my hips, while creating space throughout my whole body! I felt great afterwards. Love Anne's teaching!!
Hip strengthing
Jake W. - -
This is a very slow, deliberate class focused on strengthening the outer hips and what I call the under butts. You won't feel exercised per se, but it's meditative and ultimately relaxing.
Tom B. - -
Love for the Hips!
Rebecca L. - -
This was such a greet practice for my cranky hips. I appreciated the cues and the long holds, encouraged my alignment.
Sydni A. - -
Definitely not vigorous or a flow class. A LOT of alignment and refinement before each pose begins, which can be a positive or not-so-positive, depending on who you are.
Perfect Cues
Cristina C. - -
This was my first yogaworks streaming class. I did select based on flow but the universe knew what I really needed; balancing! It was a lovely class that I will definitely return to!
Where’s the music??
Diane B. - -
Why don’t you have background music?
Jody W. - -
Agree with other comments that this is more of a hip strengthener and balance class. There was no flow. I stopped the practice about 3/4 of the way through as I was not enjoying it. It was very slow and long holds. Lots of instruction for a level 2 class.
Mary M. - -
please do videos with CHARLIE SAMOS and JOCELYN SOLOMON
J.P. D. - -
Yesenia R. - -
This was a wonderfully intense balancing class. I can see myself returning to this class for the careful review of these poses.
Not a flow class
Lyndsey H. - -
Predominantly a balancing class Good instructions for some unusual balancingbpostures
Good class, inaccurate description
Lindsey R. - -
Definitely not a flow class in any way. I enjoyed the cues and hip stability and balance work, but (per the description) I was expecting some type of flow to warm into the work.