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Superb class
Yasemin T. - -
As usual, an excellent sequence and competent, calm, and lucid instructions. Still have to find a class with Anne that is not absolutely great!
Brenda M. - -
I am an intermediate yoga practitioner and really need more hip stability. This class instructor was very hard to follow resulting in a strained knee as she jumped from instruction to instruction causing constant subtle adjustments in each pose. Would love to find a better option for hip stability.
Simply Amazing
Maria M. - -
This class is very thorough and well-paced. Anne's directions are very clear (I think I only had to look at the screen once). The sequence is intentional and well thought out. I feel more flexible and calm. Thank you.
WOW! Great Balance
Bangone B. - -
Thank you! I feel rejuvenated.
I adore Anne
Ann W. - -
Anne is an extraordinary teacher. All of her classes are high caliber. She mentions little cues I've never heard in my 20 years of doing yoga. I'm very appreciative of her intellect and grace.
Love this sequence!
Laura S. - -
Looove this sequence. Love the creativity that worked beautifully to stabilize and strengthen my hips, while creating space throughout my whole body! I felt great afterwards. Love Anne's teaching!!
Hip strengthing
Jake W. - -
This is a very slow, deliberate class focused on strengthening the outer hips and what I call the under butts. You won't feel exercised per se, but it's meditative and ultimately relaxing.
Tom B. - -
Love for the Hips!
Rebecca L. - -
This was such a greet practice for my cranky hips. I appreciated the cues and the long holds, encouraged my alignment.
Sydni A. - -
Definitely not vigorous or a flow class. A LOT of alignment and refinement before each pose begins, which can be a positive or not-so-positive, depending on who you are.
Perfect Cues
Cristina C. - -
This was my first yogaworks streaming class. I did select based on flow but the universe knew what I really needed; balancing! It was a lovely class that I will definitely return to!
Where’s the music??
Diane B. - -
Why don’t you have background music?
Jody W. - -
Agree with other comments that this is more of a hip strengthener and balance class. There was no flow. I stopped the practice about 3/4 of the way through as I was not enjoying it. It was very slow and long holds. Lots of instruction for a level 2 class.
Mary M. - -
please do videos with CHARLIE SAMOS and JOCELYN SOLOMON
J.P. D. - -
Yesenia R. - -
This was a wonderfully intense balancing class. I can see myself returning to this class for the careful review of these poses.
Not a flow class
Lyndsey H. - -
Predominantly a balancing class Good instructions for some unusual balancingbpostures
Good class, inaccurate description
Lindsey R. - -
Definitely not a flow class in any way. I enjoyed the cues and hip stability and balance work, but (per the description) I was expecting some type of flow to warm into the work.