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Awesome Hip Opening class - Level 2+, barely a 3 though
Ben C. - -
Great pace, energy and end result of loosened and relaxed hips! Not as strenuous as a level 3 vinayasa, so I'm guessing the flying pigeon, crow and option for bird of paradise makes this a Level 3- entry level. great class, really needed it being a desk jockey during CoVid!!
Great to Transition to Level 3
Maritza W. - -
Beautiful class. Especially good for a Level 3 beginner - challenging, but not overwhelming or defeating in any way.
Ervant M. - -
woke up with tight hips and this class was just perfect. I love that Jesse always integrates flow sequences in between holds to build heat; it makes the class both invigorating and healing!
Jesse is the best
Sonja D. - -
Nothing More to add 😀
Excellent Sequence for Hip Release
Marguerite R. - -
I come back to this sequence all the time. No props are mentioned for this class but I find blocks helpful especially in lizard pose. My body is too tight to bring my elbows to the floor but bringing them to the blocks gives a much deeper release then just staying up on my hands.
Samantha R. - -
I am always in need of ALOT hip-work when it comes to yoga, so this was just wonderful. Challenging enough, with the right amount of guidance by Jesse, recommend for runners, cyclists, those that sit a lot or just anyone looking to help balance emotions
Great Class But Too much talking
Monica B. - -
Very good class but at level three we don't need constant talk and instruction. It takes away from the class.
That was marvelous
Peki K. - -
Thank you Jesse, I enjoyed this class a lot; it really opened my hips perfectly well. Namaste :)
Very good well directed class
Zeina G. - -
Nice flow and challenging with still just right amount of cueing. Thank you!
Good class but lots of surya A and B
Fernanda D. - -
I liked the class but it was just Suryas A and B and three arm balances....I thought it was different anyways it was a good class.
Challenging yet grounding.
Annie L. - -
Nice way to let go of the tensions of the week and ease your way into the weekend. Even more so for a runner with tight hips. Merci!
Perfect Class
Amanda M. - -
When I went to Yoga at my local studio this past weekend, I was surprised at how tight my hips were (I couldn't "make the phone call" with my foot, which I have never had a problem doing). This class was exactly what I needed to bring flexibility and strength to my hips. Thank you!
beautiful and technically sound practice
Monica H. - -
Jesse provides such a beautiful yet technically sound practice here. My hips feel open and my heart refreshed. Thanks Jesse!
Emily C. - -
Great flow. Built up a heat and did some restorative stretching. Will be adding this to my rotation!
did class again today!
Laura K. - -
and loved every minute! THANK YOU!
Hippy Flow... the best class! THANK YOU
Laura K. - -
Brilliant Sequence and perfect for a working/sitting professional!- Laura Koch
Felt the peace!
Puja P. - -
Jesse you are a true motivator! Awesome hip yog asana. Thankful to your team for showing the best way to practice it. Grateful :)
The best!
Kristina T. - -
I have major issues with my hips, and this is the first, and so far only, flow that can get the range of motion almost even! Definitely one of my go-tos.
Loved it!
Kim F. - -
This was a challenging class with a very quick pace. The instruction was detailed enough that I was able to keep up and didn't have to look at my computer too often. Jesse, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite instructors! Thank you!
Great class!
stephanie m. - -
Jesse brought me to yoga works with her "body slims" class years ago - this was exactly as described, great hip openers with lots of heat - and as Jesse always reminds us that heat/burning is building strength! ;) I'll definitely add this class to my rotation!
Nailed it!
Nicole P. - -
This class was epic for me today! I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and my body needed this perfectly intense but restorative class! Thank you!
Great hip opening sequence
Leigh R. - -
Loved this class! Perfect combination of heat building and holding poses to get a deeper stretch. Jesses cues were great and my hips and entire body felt amazing by the end!
Rebecca R. - -
Fun sequence!
Loved it!
Michelle R. - -
Add a couple minutes of core work and a short inversion and you have a full hour. This was really a perfect class. 5 stars.....- this is going into my favorites. Thanks for a beautiful practice Jesse!!!
Hippie Flow
Heather W. - -
Ahhh…Great opening, heat-building practice. By the end of this sequence, I was able to release deeper into double pigeon than ever before. Also a good mental practice for those who tend to do/think/plan too much. :)
Much More Open Hips
Sandra S. - -
Perfect for the afternoon for me. My hips by the end of the class were much more open, and I feel so comfortable in my body.
Kim M. - -