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Natalie Deweese - -
that felt wonderful after running and biking
Laura Jeanne - -
Perfect class if you've been doing hip openings but still feel tight. It hit all the right spots in somewhat different ways resulting in a lot of new space in my tight runners hips. Dani's instruction was great!
Rochelle Klingele - -
Perfect set of stretches for areas I am always tight. Thank you!
Meeting my new hip
Patricia Keenan - -
Four months post-right hip replacement and new to yoga. I learned a lot about how my new hip moves and where it needs support. Thanks!
Kiret Atma Kaur - -
Love this class & love the new Stretch for the IT band! Thank you!
Elizabeth Hay - -
I do this class almost every other day! Feels so good in my body!
Annette Rallo - -
having pulled something in my right upper thigh that has been generating nerve pain, I found this class to be extremely helpful in stretching out those areas and alleviating some of the pain. Many thanks!
Really nice!
Dina Finta - -
The results felt like I had done a level 2 practice but Dani mad this level 1accessible and impactful for many. Love how I feel now!
Chrisie Hawkins - -
This is so good! I do way to much sitting and have lower back and hip tightness. This was perfect for my needs. and I love the teachers leadership.
Some advice
ruth givens - -
Hi Dani. I don't know if this is the right place to reach out to you. I have been diagnosed with IRB, Irritable Bowel syndrome, and although I'm very careful with my diet and take some meds, I'm rarely pain free in my tummy. Do you have any classes that address digestion issues?
Just what I needed!
Shari Twidwell - -
This class was exactly what I needed. I've been so tight lately that even Triangle Pose has been difficult and I can hear my hips creak when I stretch into it. It was time for me to pay a little extra attention to my hips and hams and IT band (the latter gets particularly short as I work on my feet and don't pay it much attention). This was just what I needed! I'll be coming back to this one again and again to get myself righted. It'll make an everyday flow soooo much smoother. Dani's progression makes a lot of sense, goes from super gentle to very intense, and her vocabulary is easy to understand and work with. Namaste!
Great hips and thighs opener
Mimi E. - -
The stretches really helped to open up my hips and loosen my tight hamstrings. I've started taking swim lessons, and this class is a great complement to all the leg work/kicking that I'm doing.