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Love this guy!
Nanette Wood - -
I am "older" (63) and have done - and still do - lots of biking and cross training. This series was exactly what I need to counteract that tightening. I am not looking for "flow" - I'm looking for poses that strategically open areas that are now impacted by joint deterioration due to past activity and age. I loved the pace and felt worked and stretched by the end. Thanks for your patient instruction.
this flow is a gift and Calvin is <3
Bink Ink - -
i use this flow when i feel burnt out, so i end up practicing this a few times a month. it is in my top 3 favorites on the site. thank you Calvin, you are a true healer.
Lyudmila Mazin - -
Perfect! Added to my favorites. Thanks Calvin.
Mark Sider - -
Starts fast. Great hip opener class as titled. I'm a golfer, and this felt amazing. Wish it was longer!
Jana Bozeman - -
Just what the doctor ordered today. Thanks Calvin.
Where are you?
Lyndsey Harrison - -
Holds so long you have to look up and see if video still working.
Good Hip Opener
Jen McGrath - -
I needed this, certainly did open my hips and worked out other parts thru the vinyasa. Some of the poses were held a little too long for my liking, but overall a good flow and instructions
Slow Burn // Deep Hips
Denmo Ibrahim - -
Loved this class. Pacing and instruction are excellent. Not a fast pace, sweaty type of flow but deeply restorative and full body opening with an excellent focus. He's a new favorite teacher -- hoping he has more videos.
Amy Hilan - -
I enjoyed this innovative sequence and Calvin's calm, easy to follow instructions. I will return to this one often.
Great Hip Opener
Jody Wolfe - -
This is only the 2nd class I've taken on yoga works and thoroughly enjoyed Calvin's teaching. He is easy to follow and has a nice balance between creating heat and holding the poses.
Alexandra Mims - -
This video went too quickly into deep hip stretching for my body. I wish I had known so I could have done more gentle stretching and warming up before I started. The result for me was that this was a little more painful than it should have been and I was not able to get into the postures ad comfortably as I usually can
Hip goodness
Melinda Gonzalez - -
One of my favorites so far! My hips are constantly tight. They felt super loose and relaxed after this session. Will definitely keep this one in rotation. Transitions are a bit rough and vinyasas are fast, but it's manageable once you familiarize yourself with the session. Good stuff!
straight forward
thomas gillespie - -
whew, tells me I've got work to do
Daphne Vadman - -
3rd class with Calvin. I keep going back to his classes because he gives great instructions and a nice challenge.
Sheila Traum - -
Love his instruction... Very precise!
Excellent class!
Marian Elbert - -
Wow, great sequence and instruction. Loved the long stretches and hip-focus. Will definitely take this class again!
Jana Bozeman - -
Just did this class with my mom and she LOVED it! Thanks Calvin! As always, great sequencing and cues.
Aniella Perold - -
This was a great, full practice focused on the legs, hips, and elongating the spine. It also gets your core fired up. Expect some long holds but also nice long stretches! Highly recommended after too much time spent sitting...
Violette Gajic - -
This was my first class too with Calvin and I loved it! I still can't do Bakasana but maybe one day... Feel great... It was challenging yet easy to follow sequencing! Thanks...
Barbara Spitzer - -
My first class with Clavin. So precise. I learned a lot.
Just what I needed
Michael russell - -
excellent class. Really great sequences and perfect for athletes that need a good hamstring and hip opener stretch.
Awesome class!
Ellen Baker - -
This is the first class I tried by Calvin. I loved it! The sequencing is really good and different - not the same standard order. I feel both rejuvenated and relaxed. Thank you!
Excellent class
kate kodet - -
great pacing of great sequences, and his voice is so soothing! Thank you! Namaste!
C C - -
wonderful sequence, was great to hold poses too
Richard Gleason - -
nice class. honest level 2.
Jana Bozeman - -
Another fine example of brilliant Calvin sequencing!
Hips and More
Amy Gertz - -
Thank you for the wonderful introduction to My Yoga Works! I've recently moved and have been unable to find a studio that I enjoy. I joined My Yoga Works yesterday and was excited to try out a class. Knowledgeable sequencing! Just what I was looking for! Happy Saturday.
Loved Everything about this Class
Annette Rallo - -
I was looking for a back and hip opener due to injury in that area. I absolutely loved everything about this class.The pacing and flow were wonderful and I liked the variations of poses he used! Love the teacher and the flow! Definitely on my top 5 so far! Thanks so much!
Thank you!
Katie Booth - -
Great class, well paced, and really wonderful instruction. My mind and body feel so much better.
Loved it!!
Dianelle Amin - -
I have super tight hips and this was perfect!! I am going to ditto everything Katrina said as it was just how I felt!! Thank you!
Great practice
Carolyn Carden - -
Loved the sequence, flow and how wonderful my hips felt afterwards - going to be a repeat class for sure.
Loved it
Katrina Milligan - -
This was a great class, it felt like I was in a live studio. I apprecited how Calvin didn't address the online audience with comments which I just find to be fake and distracting. Lovely class!
Deja Kono - -
I love your pacing :)!
5 STARS!!!
Jessica Raymer - -
Hands down by far the best hip opener I have ever done! I have a pinched nerve in my lower back that can cause pain in my hip and numbness down my right leg. It can be very uncomfortable and can stall my work day... This practice is going be put in my weekly routine. Thank you so much Calvin for this amazing practice. I will be looking at more of your classes now.
solid hip opener
Toya Williford - -
I really enjoyed the flow - not the usual which forced me to listen and be present. Great end of day flow.
made me smile
Betsy Lluch - -
really nice! clear , smooth and with just enough flow thank you!
Sidney Marquez - -
Nice way to end a work day of standing and moving. Clear instructions.
Lovely end of week practice
Lara Fielding - -
Thank you! For a lovely way to let go after a week on my . . . chair. Reconnected and ready for the weekend!
Perfect end of week practice
Lara Fielding - -
Thank you! For a lovely way to let go after a week on my . . . chair. Reconnected and ready for the weekend!
Just so good!
Leigh Riebold - -
This is a slow but challenging flow that gets deep into the hips and leaves you feeling nothing short of amazing. Lots and lots of hip openers with some good ham openers and twists too. I will be adding this to the weekly rotation. Thank you Calvin!
Connie Johnson - -
Thank you for such a well rounded class Calvin. This will now be my weekly staple :)
Hips and Stuff
Jessie Poe - -
This was a nice and relaxing flow. I enjoyed Calvin's gentle manner and the ability to rest and breathe within the poses. Thank you!
Heather Schwitalla - -
While this is a great class, to make it truly well-rounded, I wished for some shoulder openers. I added some of my own during the sun salutes, which probably would have been enough if I'd thought to do them straight from the start. Otherwise, a fantastic class!
Ana Ortega - -
Ver y nice and sutil flow ! Thanks
Ann Sadler - -
Exactly what I needed. Thank you Calvin!
Jayne Worzalla - -
Wow! Fantastic flow! Loved it!
slow flow
Linda Reilly - -
Thanks for the practice, Calvin. Sidelining yourself allowed for a slow flow from one asana to another, focusing on the breath.
Regina Casner - -
Great class - love the pace and sequencing. Thank you!
Jena Binderup - -
This was a luxurious, melting flow. It should be higher on the recommendation list, it's one of the best ones on this site. Calvin lets the silence rest so you can really sink into a pose and enjoy. Thank you for this one, it's my new favorite!
Samin Barghan - -
It was great. Thank you so much