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My second online YogaWorks class
Catherine A. - -
Clear instruction. Nice voice. Loved the first heart opener with the blocks. Could have used a pigeon or tree pose somewhere in the middle (so did one at the end!).
Wonderful class
Chris A. - -
Always love Mia's classes- instructions are clear and her wisdom inspiring. Nice to have some new classes from her. Just the right speed.
Amanda C. - -
Such a great balance of well sequenced mindful movement and great cueing that helped me to stay present! Thank you πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
My new favorite class
Anita R. - -
Thank you Mia - I loved your new class - perfect balance of mindful movement and great cueing with so much wisdom. I'll be back;)
Brea T. - -
This class was moderately paced with great cueing. Sequencing felt great in my body, and was methodical. I really enjoyed this flow, thank you Mia!!
Great class!
Diana U. - -
This class was just perfect for me today. I felt that Mia's words helped me stay focused rather than a distraction. Her voice is so soothing. I just love all her classes. Thank you Mia!
Thanks, Mia.
Tom B. - -
Always helpful.
Aimee R. - -
I'm so delighted to have some new classes with Mia! Thank you! <3
Constant talking
Taz B. - -
Structurally quite a nice class but constant talking. Even when cueing to meditate or look inside there is constant talking. The message is nice but i feel like its really distracting and i found it hard to really drop into myself and my rhythm. Maybe the explanation / extra talking could be put in another video like a philosophy video or something...
Patrizia M. - -
Check out the "Less talking more doing" classes by Dan Ward. Really awesome classes if you want to drop into yourself and still get a good practice :)
Carmina G. - -
I love Mia's classes! There are always so well rounded. Thank you.