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great lower body stretch
Bridget T. - -
I've practiced this one many times and have noticed a difference in my hamstrings opening up
Antoinette G. - -
I needed a good lower body stretch. This is perfect. As a former dancer who used to be super flexible, getting back into yoga has been a struggle, especially since I used to be able to hold most of these poses because of my dance background. I needed something like this to focus on where I am tight so I can regain my flexibility and be more confident in my yoga practice.
Tight lower back
warda k. - -
Ahh this was so perfect. I’ve had so much tightness/stiffness in my low back, I’ve been in constant pain. This sequence is the first time I’ve felt some relief in days. Thanks Vytas!
Page B. - -
Good for daily lower body stretch.
Carolina V. - -
One of my favourite !
Elizabeth G. - -
Focuses mostly on the legs and hits some great spots. It is what the title says- a short sequence that you should practice daily to assist in loosening tight leg muscles. Vytas provides clear directions in a lovely calming manner. Nice sequence before bedtime too.
Kate T. - -
This was exactly what I needed after pushing my body hard for a couple of days - now I feel so much better, not so sore and mind is mellow too. Thank you Vytas!
jennifer k. - -
Great ans simple stretch that doesn't take long at all. Thank you.
Thank You!
Connie J. - -
Vytas, , I'd like to thank you for such a well rounded, thoughtful, daily practice. I've started implementing it daily and wanted to drop you a line to let your know I'm grateful.
What about the psoas?
Christina P. - -
Really nice sequence for the lower body, but would have been even better had you included a posas stretch as well. This is a L2, so most people could add their own, but it would make the video more complete.
Carolina V. - -
Need to start doing it every day !
Nice stretch but missing some things
Julia C. - -
A nice class if you are tight overall in the lower half of your body. But after doing a lot of warrior poses in an earlier class I was disappointed there wasn't a quad stretch in this one. I also wish some upper body stretches would have been included.
Hannah L. - -
This is an amazing sequence to open up your whole lower body post-run when your body is already warm and exhausted. Should be required homework for all distance runners! Thanks Vytus!