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Good morning!
Sara M. - -
Sweaty, fun, opening and calming. Excellent pace! Perfect morning practice!
Michelle B. - -
Great class! I felt so much more open afterwards.
Perfect challenge!
Michelle R. - -
Jesse - another beautiful sequence from you. I just loved it!! I am looking forward to some new longer lengths from you this fall.
Jana Bozeman
Jana B. - -
Yummy, sweaty, backbendy fun! Thanks Jesse! <3
Moderately challenging, YUMMY sequence.
Sara C. - -
Nice sequence, love all the As and Bs at the beginning. Moderately challenging, not too difficult, but did open my entire body and get my heart rate up. Who needs espresso when you have BACKBENDS!!! #yogisespresso Thanks as always Jesse, youre the best.
Sara C. - -
Just updating: this is still one of my favorite classes to take, 6 years later, and if you have coffee AFTER the're really going to be yogiesspresso'd LOL. Love love love it, and wish Jesse were still creating content here! Namaste :)
Karen K. - -
Definitely my favorite online Jesse class!! Love the sequence and difficulty!
Joanna B. - -
Great sequence!