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Well-Rounded Flow
Melissa K. - -
This was well-paced. I got a lot out of this short class and could do this one regularly. I love Andrea's classes, but sometimes I just don't feel up to the level of exertion they usually require. It might not be a normal level I, but for Andrea I'd say it's a good description.
Awesome Class!
Joseph C. - -
Nice and challenging.
Nice flow- Challenging. Level 1.5
Evelyn W. - -
Loved it. New Favorite !!!
Not Level I
Lane D. - -
Not clear how you assign difficulty, but this class is definitely Level II
Julia M. - -
Love Andrea Marcum! She’s tough but she always gives modifications. And her sequences make so much sense.
Nice sequence
Fernanda D. - -
It was a nice sequence with good surprises! I really enjoyed it....thanks a lot.
Perfect Imperfection
Shakhinna E. - - (edited)
I really appreciate the seemingly imperfect struggle of this practice by one of the participants. I have several injuries and slim flexibility so it's rather difficult to do or stay in certain positions (pigeon pose was not possible for me without extreme knee pain). It was weirdly comforting to see that I wasn't alone, even if it's a video. The visual was actually an encouragement to press on even if it doesn't "look perfect." Thank you. Edit: Just read the comments and I now understand why I struggled most of the practice. I hope the website will consider moving the video to the correct category...
love the practice!
Kim S. - -
Andrea; I am on my 3rd time now listening to your audio book Close to OM; teacher in training and learning lots from you my virtual mentor!
I liked the options.
Michelle L. - -
I liked that options were given for when you aren't ready for the arm balance, or can't hold a pose too long, different ways to position your arms or knees or etc. if you aren't quite able to do the full pose yet, one time I heard her say don't do this pose if you are pregnant (it involved lying on your belly). I am level 1 and I was able to do this lesson with the modifications.
NOT level 1
Natalie F. - -
Nice practice, but certainly NOT LEVEL !
Hi there yogis!
Andrea M. - -
I'm pretty late to the game here looking over all of your comments. First off - thank you for practicing with me! And yes, this is more of a jolt of caffeine than it is a gentle morning breeze. I'm not 100% certain why it's labeled Level 1, but point taken and noted! I'm going to be shooting some more content soon and would love to hear what you would like to see here!
Great start to the day!
Dawn B. - -
Loved this class! A bit challenging for me as a beginner, but will keep me coming back to strengthen my practice :) Loved all the Sanskrit used, look forward to learning more. Namaste.
Agree-Not Level 1
Jennifer B. - -
I liked it and as someone toggling between beginner and intermediate it was helpful but I think for the beginner-beginner it definitely may be harder than anticipated.
Not for beginners
Sheryl F. - -
Wish I would have read the comments. Lesson learned.
Perfect Quick Morning Practice (More Andrea Marcum videos please!)
Michelle H. - -
Andrea Marcum is one of my absolute favorite yoga teachers. I’ve taken her classes in LA and been on a retreat with her as well. For me the way she thoughtfully structures the sequences is so much more effective and engaging than most standard flow classes. Her tone, manner, and respect for individual bodies elevate her classes. In my opinion, this is an enjoyable and moderately challenging class for intermediates.
Not level 1
Rebecca C. - -
I'd agree with others, this is not a level 1 class. Arm balances are never level 1! Still a good class, but does not ease you into anything, as the title would suggest.
Sharon S. - -
Great class - I love Andrea! Well paced and clear instruction. It is a strong practice and this class would be better suited for Level 2 label. I did this in the evening after work and found it challenging. YogaWorks may want to change the level tag to Level 2 as to not discourage beginners.
Kim R. - -
A good morning wake up, but not a Level 1 class.
Sandy H. - -
Kept skipping and repeating whilst playing Turned off as quality poor
Sandy H. - -
Kept skipping and repeating whilst playing Turned off as quality poor
Good workout (but had I known, I would have hit the snooze!)
cindi z. - -
This was a good, strong, challenging slow flow class, which has others have said is definitely more of a Level 2. No beginner would be able to follow this, especially not the 11-syllable Sanskrit terms like King Pigeon. Been doing yoga ~ 10 years and coming off an illness, and this class was challenging for me! I enjoyed it, and would like to see more classes from this instructor, but I would definitely change the level, and perhaps the title, as it seems like a really gentle beginner's stretch class, which it is not.
Not a snooze alternative
N S. - -
If I just decided to go to my mat instead of hitting snooze, I'm not ready to jump into warrior two for six breaths, which is what happens here. I would recommend taking it a little slower before moving into such a long, strong poses. She also uses too much Sanskrit for a beginner class - you can tell that even the models didn't understand some of the terminology. I don't mind the terminology, but I would prefer a more guidance with them. I agree with the rest of the comments that this is a great work out for a 1.5 level, but not a standard beginner. And again, not a great wake up video – probably need a few minutes to wake up fully first.
Great Level 1.5 Workout
Cheryl S. - -
I generally take the level 2 classes, but I come back to this one if I want something a little lighter but with aspects of challenge. This class is not for absolute beginners, although she does provide instruction for modifications (that's a bunch of the talking going on), which is why I think the class is labeled level 1. In terms of challenge in the full expression of each pose or flow, it rivals many level 2 classes that I have taken. This class is definitely one of my favorites!
Great practice!
Rochelle K. - -
Wonderful way to start the morning!
sandy D. - -
I love this flow. I do it before work in the morning. It covers everything, and gets right to the poses. This flow is strengthening and relaxing. Thank you
Good Level 1 Morning Flow
Ashley P. - -
Andrea does a beautiful job guiding this level 1 flow. Remembering that Flow classes are not usually beginner classes, I feel that this is a great Basic flow class. Especially for early morning. Perfect!
Good Level 1 Morning Flow
Ashley P. - -
Andrea does a beautiful job guiding this level 1 flow. Remembering that Flow classes are not usually beginner classes, I feel that this is a great Basic flow class. Especially for early morning. Perfect!
Good Level 1 Morning Flow
Ashley P. - -
Andrea does a beautiful job guiding this level 1 flow. Remembering that Flow classes are not usually beginner classes, I feel that this is a great Basic flow class. Especially for early morning. Perfect!
Good Level 1 Morning Flow
Ashley P. - -
Andrea does a beautiful job guiding this level 1 flow. Remembering that Flow classes are not usually beginner classes, I feel that this is a great Basic flow class. Especially for early morning. Perfect!
Great class, but not really a Level 1
Manda B. - -
I enjoyed this class and Andrea's clear instruction, but would classify it as an "all levels" class. She offers modifications to make some poses less or more challenging, but it assumes a certain level of strength (vinyasas, side plank) and familiarity with certain poses (bakasana, binds, pigeon).
first practice
Elizabeth B. - -
Great way to start my day. So glad joined.
Perfect wake up,session
Sanju D. - -
Loved it - feel ready to start my day!
A great start to the day!
shannan C. - -
This sequence is opening, challenging, and mindful. I loved the sequencing! The verbiage and adjectives to explain the postures are encouraging and unique. I'm looking forward to doing this class regularly, instead of hitting snooze :)
Patricia A. - -
I love the fact that you verbally instructed each movement as it is very difficult to see the screen when working through many asanas. Not too many words at all!!! Thank you so much for a perfect class.
Too many words!
Amanda S. - -
Too many words! I only had the patience for the first pose... not even that. You shouldn't be talking for an entire minute after you put your students into the pose and THEN tell them to "hold this pose for three breaths". They've already been holding it for 10 breaths!
Nice wake up
JL M. - -
It was a great way to wake up. Just the right amount of strengthening to make it feel worthwhile. Volume was slightly low but still able to hear the instructions clearly. Class was maybe a 1+ but still able to follow along.
Maja L. - -
:D I never heard no one time breath !!!! inhale or exchale :D what about breathing , I am not new in yoga but this is very dificult for those who are new?? yes its missing a lor of warm up !!!
Maja L. - -
Poor woman from the right side... ANdreea Markum should be conected more and gentle with her students... I feel she is for herself , and students practinioners alone...
do or not
Maja L. - -
Looking the video just looking.. I am not sure I will do it. Stil strong Andreea Markum .. I dont feel good with strong vinyasa fast etc. also I need time to breath with movement :(
reading comments
Maja L. - -
I did not even start this practise, I dont feel good today, so I just looked for comments... and its really makes me to feel already asking myself what?! I know Andreea Markum from before, she is more strong yoga instructor , but she changed, and I do sometimes her hatha yoga slower yoga, this is very slow and easy for ANdreea Markum. After, I read comment somebody HATE COMPLAINERS... well maners maners this is not so yoga and the right way, to HATE ! I will try this, I have my opinion ;;; was very interesting to read the comments . I hope it will be good, Andreea Markum is prety explaining a lot , knowing her from before this is diferent :)
Margaret E. - -
Stop complaining about the level. It was level 1. It was certainly not a level 2. Just find another class. I hate complainers. As for volume, get an external speaker for your computer.
Challenging level 2, minimally
Ana A. - -
This one was tough! If you are very new to yoga, try this one later on or watch it all the way through before trying it. I got a little bit lost in the instruction when the yoga name of the poses was the only prompt.
Absolutely not level 1
Anne P. - -
Kristen L. - -
I agree with the other commenters who did not find this to be a level 1. There is very minimal instruction on how to do the poses. Occasionally she will give verbal cues, but they are woefully inadequate if you do not know all of them by name. One of the demonstrators was even struggling.
Nice challenge
Chris S. - -
This class was a nice challenge in some spots for me as a long time Level 1. I believe where it became not a true Level 1 as has been posted was when it went right into a pose, such as pigeon, assuming you know what that is. Or using only the YOGA name for chair pose, so I had to stop my practice and disrupt the flow and look more than in my usual Level 1 favorites.
Perfect alternative to snooze!
Jennifer S. - -
Loved this class and will do it again, for sure. Thank you, Andrea!
Great Class!
Lauren M. - -
What a great way to wake up...loved her cues but most importantly the humanness of the class. I was very comfortable doing what I could not what I couldn't!
Wonderful Class but Level 2
Lara P. - -
I really enjoyed this morning routine but I would agree with the other yogis who have posted here. This is more geared to Level 2 yogis as a morning sequence.
agreed not a level one.
Diana C. - -
Nice class but should be considered a level 2.
This is DEFINITELY NOT a level 1
Shannon B. - -
I have been doing yoga for at least three years. I do mostly level two videos with level 1's mixed in. I like doing level 1's in the areas I am still weak (for me that would be abs). I also like level 1's on days I'm not feeling as energetic. In this video, the poses are held way too long to be considered a level 1, and 15 minutes into the video there are poses you never see in a level 1 video. So newbies, if you do this video...DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!
Low volume
Sharon H. - -
Very nice flow to this video for a out of shape person like myself but once again it is another video recorded at too low of a volume. It is hard to hear throughout especially at the end in the relaxation pose. I have my volume up to max and even tired adding external speakers. I find this to be on most videos. Sadly I doubt I'll renew if I can't find some louder videos to follow. Please help us!
Sarah C. - -
Not a level 1 class, and generally did not feel like a safe practice with a lack of warm up for the more challenging poses
More Andrea Marcum please!
Cindy G. - -
This class was just what I was looking for this morning. Andrea Marcum is an absolutely amazing instructor. Her cuing is always so detailed and informative. Her classes are always strong, but still accessible. I loved this class!