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Great Flow, Teacher's demeanor needs work
Eva K. - -
This was a great flow - but in comparison to all other myyogaworks teachers, this teacher is a bit abrasive and not really positive/calming. I usually avoid this teacher because of his odd energy, which is sad because the flows are generally great.
Ida S. - -
Loved it, wish Vytas could be my personal trainer!
Not for the faint hearted
Nicole M. - -
I suspect many of the negative comments below are got your butts handed to you and you didn't like it right? Well, that's what this video is for. There was nothing rude about it! Great, sweaty session. Not a typical yoga flow at all, which I really appreciated. More videos from Vytas please! :D
Vytas' classes are the best
Yana N. - - (edited)
Vytas is my favorite instructor on the site. His sequencing avoids repetitive vinyasas and sun salutations, yet still challenges and produces a sweat. His cues are very helpful because they\\\'re not the same old lines heard in every class. I find his demeanor pretty entertaining and generally motivating.
Great Teacher
Peter L. - -
Yoga is a wonderful practice that should be embraced by everyone. Vytas does not appear to subscribe to traditional western 'yoga norms', and this in turn makes yoga accessible to people like myself, for whom the western Lulu Lemon yoga subculture doesn't necessarily resonate. Watching his classes has not only kept me sane through lockdown, but has actually afforded me great peace and tranquility. I know he's not for everyone, but I'm really grateful for his style and approach. Namaste from Cyprus, and thank you Vytas.
Jared B. - - (edited)
Sure, its a good workout, and sure he's rude and demeaning, and sure he adjusts one of the demonstrators with his foot, but most importantly: cut to the 13:00 minute mark. He literally describes going into the yogaworks database to find the addresses of the women who are watching the class... It's clearly a joke, but read the room bro.
Micah S. - -
He actually doesn't mention women in that joke.
Amy F. - -
Vytas' tough love is one of the best things about his style and his classes. He's attempting to motivate us through the video format. Vytas, you are taking it easy on us though - I say bring even more of your smart ass self from the studio to the videos! :)
Joel P. - -
The 13:00 thing is him making a joke about going into the database to find anyone who lets their back leg go soft when it's supposed to be straight and active. It's a unisex joke about him making sure you're following proper form, not stalking women! This serious accusation is 100% untrue but watch the video for yourself and decide. But yes, he should call them women, not girls. That aside, good very tough class. I didn't have much time tonight so I gave it a shot and I am drenched and drained. Good long strong holds, and a good change of pace from my usual diet of vinyasa flow classes. I will be feeling this in the morning and I will definitely take this class again.
Building heat & strength
Jon K. - - (edited)
Great poses and motivation to build strength, especially in core and lower body. Thank you :)
Great to build Strength!
Karen B. - -
Thanks, Vytas! I can appreciate your style and how you push us to be strong. I am a very sensitive woman and I do find find this teacher to be at all rude. He´s a kind motivator.
My fave teacher
Rhanda S. - - (edited)
Love this class and all the other classes from Vytas. He is my go-to teacher on this site. Thank you for making soo many classes to choose from!
Strong Flow Great Teacher
Gina Q. - -
Vitas is my favorite teacher, he is hard but encouraging! He is a great teacher. If you want calm and relaxing do another class.
strong flow, rude teacher
Sydney W. - -
Strong flow, but I agree completely with all the comments about how rude this teacher is. Calling two grown women "girls" is so obnoxious and degrading amongst the other comments other people have already mentioned. I'm annoyed that I like the sequence so much so I just mute it and play music, but keep the video rolling if I forget something. I would never go back to this guy's class at a studio.
Please Katherine🤣
Layna C. - -
He’s hard but so much fun and worth every minute😊
"If you want to mess around, click on a different video"
Excellent challenge and fun. I will return to this one.
Tina M. - -
Loved this class! Great mix of cardio and strength. Definitely broke a sweat! Thank you Vyta!
Challenging and Fun!
randi h. - -
so many fun poses.. def got a mix of cardio and strength. creative and challenging!
Great 30 minute class
Simon H. - -
Great addition to the collection
30 mins flew by with this great class! 🙌
Tracy W. - -
Love every one of Vytas’s classes and this one is no exception. It’s not a cardio class but I love that I still broke a sweat. I find Vytas’s tone and style encouraging and I like that he pushes me to work harder. Thanks for helping me get thru quarantine!
Jeanne M. - -
lots of good stuff for short class
Great class as usual
Soumeya A. - -
What's wrong with the bad comments??? Vytas' classes are always so challenging. Thanks for making the French lockdown easier. Namaste from Paris
Gina Q. - -
I agree!
Carolina C. - -
Great sequence, but the attitude of the instructor is not acceptable. It ruined the intention of the class, even when it was not directed to me
Adriane M. - -
Don't talk to your demonstrating yogis that way! It undermines an otherwise great workout.
Frederique G. - -
This was a workout video sure, but it does not embody the spirit of yoga at all. The teacher's tone and attitude, especially towards one of the student, was so harsh and distracting from the class. At the end of the class I just wanted to hold Kathryn in my harms.
Great class!
Elisabeth D. - -
I travel frequently, and Intensity 30 keeps me in shape. If I have time I pair it with Vytas’s Midline Work for a perfect overall yoga practice. The sequence is perfect to energize and bring strength and flexibility to my entire body. Thank you very much Vytas!! As Vytas says “try this class multiple times and you will find new things that will happen when you take it to this place”. He is right, the more times I take the class the more I find ways to take it further .... Like every teacher, Vytas has his own unique style, he motivates and pushes one to try to do their best. He has good cues and his class is perfect for me!!!
Cheryl R. - -
This was a strong yoga class, as it says. There are a lot of core holds that built up the intensity of the class. For those wondering, it is not a cardio class.
TARA T. - - (edited)
I continue to find myself taking all of Vytas\' level 2 and 3 classes. He's the best. Thank you for continuing to be you.
quite intense for just 30'
Spyros K. - -
thank you
Sarah S. - -
Strong core work and not a moment wasted.!
Harriet K. - -
I couldn't hold every single pose as long as was directed, but I love finding a class I can grow into. This is my third class by Vytas, and I'm beginning to see what people are saying about his teaching style being derogatory. Personally, I am not motivated by the particular tone of his criticism, but I am not offended, either. I think it is a personal preference - if you are very sensitive, you may be turned off; if you need a bit of a bully to feel encouraged, you will love it. I love his classes so much that I don't particularly care what tools he uses to motivate his students!
randi h. - -
that is the definition of INTENSITY! thank you Vytas.. you rocked it again! More like this please...
Intensity 30
Diane B. - -
Wow! That was intense! After a week of having a respiratory illness, then taking it slower this week, today I thought Id ramp it up.....whew Loved this class 💜
Intensity 30
Diane B. - -
Wow! That was intense! After a week of having a respiratory illness, then taking it slower this week, today I thought Id ramp it up.....whew Loved this class 💜
I'm so addicted
Linda L. - -
I registered yogaworks on demand for a while, and this is by far the best workout ever. Very efficient, and effective. I'm so addicted to this practice, and did it two days in a row already. Then I started to try other videos from Vytas, and he's amazing with those level 3 yoga. I will definitely swing by Santa Monica to try his class in person some day!
Lori G. - -
Love all of Vytas' classes - efficient and effective! Thank you.
Perfect workout in 30 min.
Betty K. - -
This class is so wonderful! Perfect workout. Vytas is motivating! Love everything about this class
Absolutely wonderful!
Emma S. - -
I love this class. And I cannot see why people get so offended. It is his style, and it is actually quite refreshing that not all yoga teachers have the same tone.
Got no Rhythm
Ree T. - -
I generally love Vytas' classes, which are almost always challenging. Not this one. although I agree with the comments that his attitude was harsh, my issue with this video is the rhythm and timing. I could not pace my movements with my breath at all, and found myself holding my breath in order to complete a movement. Also while Vytas was justifying his harsh words with his motivation speech he was having us hold our knee to our chest much longer on that one side. If this is the first Vytas video you've done, please don't disregard his other videos based on this one. His timing and pace are usually stellar.
Ericka N. - -
Great core work in this practice!
Taz B. - -
Really good class and I love all Vytas' calsses but I have to agree with some of the other comments that the calling out of individual students gave it almost a militant feel. Bit uncomfortable. Otherwise I really did enjoy this class and i recommend all Vytas' classes if you love a challenge
Great Class for Core Strengthening
Kristen F. - -
If you are looking to gain strength in your practice THIS is the class for you. I feel like I've done more in this 30 minute class than in a typical 75 minute class. Definitely need to do some of your own stretching before/after but otherwise SO SO good. Will be doing this one a lot this summer.
Cheryl W. - -
I just can't get over the brashness and almost rude and casual way he talks to the students in the class. As a yoga instructor, I would never speak to my students that way. It is a very un-yoga approach. Even if his flow or sequence is good, he gets in the way of the class with his style.
Jennifer B. - -
Just what I needed to get the blood flowing. I am as far from a morning person as you can possibly get and I am actually alert for my drive for once. Wonderful quick class to get you focused for the day.
Heart Racing
Danielle A. - -
Vytas really challenges you to pull through and that's one of the things I loved about the 30 min video. It's not your typical yoga practice, but well worth your time and energy spent pushing yourself on your mat! I can feel it in my abs even ten min afterwards! Just what I needed!
Great class
Cary H. - -
Love Vytas’ intuitive teaching style and stable sequencing
One of my favorite instructors and classes
Pedro N. - -
I travel often for work and always love to take yogaworks and Vytas with me. This is a great sequence for those that don’t have a lot of time but want an intense practice. From the comments, it seems as if both the class and Vytas are polarizing, but please count me as a fan of both.
Not for me
Penny G. - -
If you are looking for a workout video - yes. If you are looking for a yoga video - no. Had to turn it off, did not like his voice or barking motivational speech
Will definitely do it again!
Annabelle B. - -
Just what I was looking for - a quick but intense workout.
Quick and sweaty
Judit M. - -
Great class, I loved it!
One of my favorites
Emma J. - -
I like to practice with a variety of teaching styles, but I generally favor teachers that push me, and Vytas definitely does. This is one of my favorites, and I feel that I get so much out of this video physically and mentally than I do in some hour long classes with other teachers. Yes, it is difficult and pushes me but it reminds me EXACTLY of why I love yoga and started practicing. Pushing physical boundaries and limits (carefully) reminds me that I'm capable of so much more than I believe, whether it is physical or something in my life! Thank you Vytas!! PS I am a 200 hr RYT through YogaWorks. Love this video and have probably done it over 20 times now.
PAYAL L. - -
Thanks Vytas! Great challenging video. I agree, I pressed play because I wanted something challenging. That line kept me pushing myself!
Yoga needs to come into the 21st century
Elina V. - -
I understand that Vytas might be a knowledgeable yogi but him CONSTANTLY calling out one of his students in the beginning of class made me feel very uncomfortable. I’ve taken classes with fantastic instructors and never had them constantly just come down hard on ONE person, treating them as if they are a disappointment if they can’t get just the right angle of a pose and penalizing them for it. And on top of that, it’s a female student and she can’t even speak because she’s recording a video for consumers. Longtime yoga instructors need to get with the times just like the rest of us, some things are just not appropriate anymore. Plus no one wants to hear one person being criticized over and over again, really sucks the positive, calm energy out of the room, especially when you’re trying to sit in a half squat for a minute and focus. I don’t want my yoga instructor disrespecting another student male or female, but with higher yoga echelons being dominated by male teachers, we really need to be mindful of not fostering that in the classroom.
Once more, a great practice Vytas!
Anna G. - -
This one is right next to my edge, so I'll repeat it till it's easy ;) Don't know what the fuss is about though - I love the way Vytas is motivating and pushing to cross the boundaries in his videos. Come on!
Anjanette C. - -
Vytas is very motivating. I will keep repeating this video to build strength. The variations focus on core, arms and legs.
Quality Teaching Matters Most
loren c. - -
Vytas is awesome. Let's get over ourselves. He is an incredibly informed, mindful educator. He may be rough around the edges, but aren't we all? You should see the uneducated, mindless teaching I've experienced lately out in the world. Criticizing him for saying "girls" seems so trivial to me. If a woman were teaching this class to two men and called them "boys" once or twice, no one would blink. As a female - I feel that concerning myself with what may offend my ego, rather than absorbing his careful cueing, is a waste of my time and not lending anything to the growth of my practice. But, I suppose it depends on what you're seeking from this work. Keep doing what you do, Vytas. I appreciate you!
Lauren K. - -
Effin love it. I go back to this class over and over again. Sometimes I don't want teddy bear yoga. (Sometimes I do.) This is great when I just want to get sh*t done.
Great Workout!!
kelly h. - -
Love this one! Strong and just right amount of pushing :)
No shavasana at the end?? I know the class is supposed to be "intense", but...
Erica L. - -
No shavasana at the end?? Come on... I know the class is supposed to be "intense" and that's why people click on it, but could you please end the yoga sequence with SOME fundamentals of yoga.
Avery V. - -
I found his energy to be very negative...especially at the beginning of the class. I such through it and it was fine, his attitude seemed to improve slightly, but it still found his tone and attitude to be rude and distracting from the actual practice.
Anika K. - -
I thought the class was great. In NO way did I find him disrespectful to women!
Mean Gymnastics Coach Vytas!
Jessie L. - -
Missing your irl classes so much. Sending lots of love from me and the fam in Austin.
Sydni A. - -
Great for a day in which I don't feel like practicing for long but I feel like practicing strong(ly). I'll definitely be doing this again!
Perfect sequence
Huda M. - -
The sequencing was masterful, and the instructions crisp and clear. It takes work to design an advanced class without including the superfluous sun salutations that I don’t like to do on a daily basis. My body felt so good after practice
MyYogaWorks, please talk to Vytas
Megan N. - -
He is disrespectful to the women and it is uncomfortable. I won't do any more of his classes.
Motivating & Energizing Insturctor
Lisa J. - -
Great class and I felt I got a lot out of just a 30-minute class. To me, his tone and demeanor are not insulting. He takes an "I'm going to push you" attitude and jokingly (he even says he's not serious in the video) "yells" at you to keep going. And, I feel for men who get told they can't call us "girls" when we ourselves talk about having a "girl's night out" or say "you go, girl!" If it's okay for us, it's okay for them and I for one am not offended and have been known to call men "the boys" from time to time. Take a deep namaste breath and let's not take things too seriously!
Overall tone towards women
Jamele W. - -
I love Vytas' classes online, but I must agree with other commenters. He is not respectful towards these women and even in other videos I've seen from him. His tone towards the other yogis made me feel uncomfortable. This may not be his intention, but this is how it comes across. I hope it is something he will work on in future videos. I do really like his content (aside from this).
Please address women respectfully (because the content is great!)
Alice W. - -
I love the intensity! I am a varsity athlete who really enjoys a good workout from yoga. At the same time, Vystas, your tone is disrespectful to women, such as saying "girls" and talking about how you'll come to our house. Not all women feel the same way about this (like Sara in the comments), and we're all entitled to our own opinion and feelings. Yet it's also true that if something feels like a problem to many members of a group, then the responsible thing to do is to change. We all mess up sometimes and we can all keep getting better.
nice sequence
kim w. - -
teaching style? hmmm .... ? Can the same things come from a more balanced place? The more yoga we do... usually then the more we come from a balanced place. I really enjoyed this class . thank you :) I appreciate your alignment cues... you are so great at alignment. Thanks, Kim.
Great way to start the morning.
Ji K. - -
I run every morning. But pulled my hamstring. This quick class gave me a boost. Not as cardio as running for 40 minutes but def great for a quick heart rate and burn and boost to start my morning.
Excellent class!
Wendy P. - -
I was looking for something short, intense like strength training but knew I needed stretching too. This was it! As a trainer and Pilates instructor I thought his cueing was appropriate. It's also a level 3 class done without an instructor at home watching you so you must be aware of your limitations and not overdo it. Great class Vytas!
Awesome Class!
Sherie K. - -
I loved this class because I got a good workout. I'm sore a day later! He's super straight and to the point and abrupt. This is my style of yoga. Thank you for not using flowery words. People need to stop being so sensitive to how you speak because you're one of my favorite teachers.
Jillian E. - -
He needs to be told to stop calling all of the women in his videos girls.
As for terminology
Sara C. - -
I'd like to speak as a woman saying you can call me "girl" vs "lady" anytime, it's not offensive. Some people are highly sensitive but just so you know Vytas, it's annoying to me as a female that people always criticize you for that terminology. WHO CARES.
Bridget T. - -
completely agree!
Safe, Effective, Exhilarating
Sara C. - -
I love it! ALWAYS love Vytas' classes. My only complaint (and it's almost always only w/ Vytas' classes…) is his volume. I cannot hear him!! Either speak more loudly or amp his mic somehow please? Thanks!
Great class!
Ariane d. - -
Really great class for intense strength building, a really great selection to do when you don't have a lot of time but want an intense workout. Vytas is clear in the beginning that 'no pain no gain' is not the mantra - rather its staying tuned into your own limits and going to your own degree. Lots of fun though, thanks Vytas!
Challenging Sweaty Yoga
Ingrid C. - -
I had too much energy & this helps me channel it. Yoga is my go-to place for mind-body wellness.
words matter
Crystal H. - -
This goes for several of this instructor's video. If you have to use a playful group term for the demonstrators, please consider "ladies" rather than "girls" as a more respectful - not to mention accurate - term.
great workout
Renee C. - -
My cardio video wouldn't load today (different site) so I came to Yogaworks to look for something more intense and Vytas delivered! Thank you.
Refreshingly Different
Jennifer B. - -
I really enjoyed the different approach to yoga instruction. The drill sergeant vibe for yoga poses made me kind of giggle which helped me get through the longer poses. Plus Vytas was very encouraging and motivating to push past what I would normally do. Fun and challenging!
not for me
Patrizia M. - -
I am a very experienced practitioner and a yoga instructor. I actually got injured from this practice.. I see other loved it however in my case I found it unnecessarily old school 'boot campy'. I firmly believe practitioners should be encouraged to gage and follow their own sense of what's 'enough' rather than being pushed beyond a 'safe' limit. My mistake for not doing that. Needless to say I won't do it again.
Kicked my butt!
Sonia G. - -
Great class, although I had to fall out a couple of times. But I'm going to keep trying it till I get it right!
great class and beautiful studio
Bridget T. - -
sometimes it's great to push yourself and this is a perfect class to do that in 30 min
Looking forward to doing this again
stephanie m. - -
This is a great class if you're looking for some fast strength. Not for someone looking for a calming yoga practice! At first the teacher seems a little gruff but after a couple minutes he comes around and is on your side LOL. This is definitely the kind a class where you get better every time you do it I would forward to challenging myself again and seeing improvement!
excellent class, loved it!
Bridget T. - -
i agree, classic vytas in all the best ways. challenging and feel great after
Treena S. - -
Did he just adjust her with his foot?
Challenging and awesome.
Kelly S. - -
Classic Vytas - tough, straightforward and a great workout. Tough love in all the best ways.
very challenging
Susana D. - -
i like being pushed. I have to say at times, vytas, your way of challenging one of the demonstrators was a little weird - too harsh? we all have our own styles/abilities. There might be a way to more therapeutically challenge someone. Ultimately, i really enjoyed the class and flow, and feel vibrating energy radiating from my core! thank you for making this.
Intense is a good word for it!
Nicole H. - -
Intense and quick-paced class! Incredible workout for just taking 30 minutes out of my day!
my new fave
Mariam R. - -
i love all of Vytas's classes, this one was fantastic!
Quick intense class
Brittany T. - -
Loved this. I did this in my apartment with the heater on blast and I felt warm quick. Loved holding the challenging positions too!
So good!
Aubrey T. - -
This class is terrible in the best way possible lol. It's quick and you get sweaty! Perfect for a rough day when you just need to let it go. I plan to revisit and hopefully be stronger.