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Peaceful Ashtanga
Lisa L. - - (edited)
Thank you Justin, very peaceful and relaxing class! Really enjoyed the counting of the breaths.
New to Ashtanga
Shanda C. - -
My first time trying Ashtanga. Justin was easy to follow. I liked it!
Need full length Ashtanga primary series
Nikita D. - -
Great pace & good instructions. Can we have the primary & intermediate series from Justin? Thanks so much!
I would love more from Justin
Miki S. - -
This was great, perfect timing and pace. I would love the entire primary series with Justin please?
C C. - -
This was very nice. Would love to see more Ashtanga videos with full length primary series for a more vigorous practice!
Loved the counting
Linda B. - -
I loved the counting in this class. I found it very grounding and zen. I do enough classes with specific instruction and points of correction. The counting allowed me to just let it go and thoroughly connect with each pose. Also loved the revolved side angle, which I don't encounter too often. This class is that rare gem that is as relaxing as it is energizing.
Ashtanga Level 2
Would like to hear more personality from instructor. more instruction and gentle reminders about asana right and wrongs would be helpful since there isn’t an instructor present to correct in person.
More of this please
Simon H. - -
Great introduction. Would love more ashtanga with Justin on here
great class
Bridget T. - -
very good class. i'd really like more ashtanga with justin
Anna G. - -
beautiful pace and direction. agree, would love more of this!
Great ashtanga class
Katsumi S. - -
I want to do more ashtanga.
Toya T. - -
Really enjoyed this class and Justin’s instruction. More Ashtanga please!
Jesse P. - -
Great class please add more ashtanga classes
Jesse P. - -
Great class please add more ashtanga classes
Mélanie P. - -
Thoroughly enjoyed this practice. Good pace, and challenging enough to stay motivated throughout the short practice.
Nice and Steady
Jody P. - -
Loved the repetition in the warm up and pace throughout. . Nice amount of time to get into poses and hold for 5 breaths. Voice is clear and soothing. Good Intro.
More Ashtanga!
Brea T. - -
Loved this. It would be awesome to have a whole series dedicated to Ashtanga on here!
Janel S. - -
Love this video. Just what I want: straightforward instruction with enough challenge to make me feel accomplished. More from this instructor, please!
Lindsey W. - -
Perfect! More ashtanga on here please! I really loved the pace-perfect for my at home evening practice when I wanted to be challenged but not exhausted or mentally angry at teacher. This is my first time seeing a video by Justin and hes got a great voice, and I love how he is very straight forward in this practice with no fluff-just yoga! Thank you Justin!
An instant favourite!
Seanan F. - -
Ashtanga came into my life in London; I quickly became a regular at Triyoga in Camden. Distance has left a gap in my life and practice. This class brought me back to ground, flow, and ashtanga. The counting was helpful; without it, I would not have been able to move in time with the class. The instructor's pacing (timing), peaceful presence, and clear respect for his students and ashtanga came through, even in a video. Much gratitude to Justin Temple and to MyYogaWorks for putting this on line. It would be good to see more ashtanga, and more of Justin's sessions, on this site.
He is good!
Nancy B. - -
Would love to see Primary Series and rather than counting, more insightful cueing.
Love it!!!
Shiraza M. - -
Love the pace. Felt very relaxed and zen after the workout.
Galadriel J. - -
Love it all, and actually quite like the counting.
Love this!
Kelly S. - -
Simple instructions true to the tradition- would love to see more of this!
Ana S. - -
More Ashtanga please!
Rebecca W. - -
More ashtanga please
Deborah P. - -
Thank you. I am experienced ashtangi, but have gotten away from it. I like the bare bones version here, and the instructor was humble and perfect. Namaste.
More Ashtanga Please!
Tatum B. - -
Excellent introduction to Ashtanga! Thank you very much! Will there be a full class offered soon?
Great pace for full breaths, but..
Kendra W. - -
Loved the flow and instructor, but the counting for every posture was quite distracting. Silence (or postural instruction) would have been more helpful to 'stay in the zone'. This class is not for beginners as the instruction is minimal, but great if you don't need a lot of guidance through your practice outside of the sequence.
Minimal instructions
Jen M. - -
I enjoyed the flow, but would have liked more instructions. Instead of counting 1,2,3,4,5, he could offer more insights on the form, breathing, etc.
no issues
Bekah W. - -
Iv played video just fine.
technical glitches
Cathy H. - -
I've attempted over 3 days to play this video and it's busted. That's a pity.