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Great for someone who is intimidated by inversions
Katie Lewis - -
I really want to do inversions, but am very intimidated by them. This class was so helpful to me in overcoming (and embracing!) some fears that I had. The poses we did before the inversions made the inversions much easier and more intuitive. I love Mia Togo's classes and will definitely keep coming back to this one!
great class
Bridget Truxillo - -
very good
Courtney Dowdell Fleischer - -
Really intelligent sequencing into an inversion practice!
Again and again
Ikonia ulrika Anevska - -
I've done this class now many times and I so enjoy it. It warms you up and gets all component parts in to get you ready for the inversions. Very well balanced. I tend to pause in the cool down just to get some longer hold or do more forward bends before Viparita Karani. Thank you Mia for your excellent cues and your lovely spirit.
Really well balanced.
Morgan Lindsay - -
This class was great.....and like the my comment title says, really well balanced. There were some standing poses that worked my legs while stretching my arms/shoulders in preparation for the inversions. Will keep returning to this class for sure!
Inversion with ease
farideh eskandari - -
As usual wonderful
very good inversion prep
Patrizia Milano - -
Just a very good gradual prep for a few inversion poses that help clear ones mind, release tension in the shoulders and strengthen the core. Very centering and awakening.
Just What I Was Looking For
Meaghan Quinn - -
Absolutely wonderful. Worked through all of the component parts of inversions and ended with Handtand, Pincha Mayurasana, Headstand, and Viparita Karani. Will come back to this one again often, thank you!