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Yeah, no.
Daniel F. - -
not sure where to begin. Described as a joint class, but she puts a lot of stress on wrists and fingers with no modification suggestions. There are 2 good toe stretching moves and ankle rolls. Cues are weak and non-existant for crow (crow for a joint class?) Other than crow and side angle (again, no wrist, shoulder modification), this is not a level 2 class.
Nice flow for the morning!
Lisa D. - -
Complete, short flow. Perfect for a flow when you’re short on time.
Exactly what I needed
Laura Z. - -
I've been having some knee and ankle stiffness, and this class was exactly what I needed. A great way to wake up the body and lubricate those creaky joints while still breaking a sweat. Ashley's classes were always my favorite at the Hollywood location, and would love to see more classes from her! Thank you Ashley!
Joint flow?
Crystal E. - -
Good workout but I wouldn't call it a joint flow.
Great Morning Flow
Lisa D. - -
Really enjoyed a short, but full flow.
Great, but more stretchy than joint oriented?
Sara C. - -
There were some nice slower moments to really get into the calves in down dog. Liked working on the nuances of down dog to get into new stretches.
Not sure
Natalie F. - -
Lots of ankle and toe stretching but otherwise not sure why it is billed as a "joint flow"
Great for mornings!
Michelle S. - -
Perfect for my morning practice. Great prompts, with space in between to add any extra movements I need for my achy morning joints! More please!
Great Teacher
Dana W. - -
This class is both challenging and rewarding. I would love to see more classes on here from Ashley.
Wonderful moments
Alexis H. - -
Loved the idea of working out the joint kinks and found some wonderful moments in this routine. I found the weight on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders in the opening poses was not working for me though.
Great Sequence
M. S. - -
This on the right side of challenging for my achy, stiff body. Liked the modifications and the foot work.
Heather S. - -
A great morning practice that gently transitioned me into some stronger poses. I expected a lot of instruction about how to protect my joints, but it seemed to just focus more on moving certain joints, like the ankles and toes. This last one is especially great for me, since I tend to get crampy feet when I flip my toes over for upward facing dog.
Feels So Good
Amy W. - -
I love this class! Great sequence for the morning. This class is one I come back to over and over. I would love to see more classes from Ashley.
lovely sequence
Hara P. - -
Great great sequence and transitions!! Less talking yet targeted and thoughtful instructions , plus more breathing into the poses!! Really loved that class even night time. I'm gonna do it again for sure morning time! Thank you
Just Right
Cynthia R. - -
Great instructions, not too much talking-and FINALLY an instructor that doesn't talk through savasana! Excellent teaching.
Just Right
Cynthia R. - -
Great instructions, not too much talking-and FINALLY an instructor that doesn't talk through savasana! Excellent teaching.
Perfect for end of day
Dina F. - -
Really enjoyed this class and instruction. Many great stretches for the whole body and very nice ending as we slowed down to end in final resting pose. Good instruction and modifications offered.
Love this class!
Mary F. - -
Clear and thoughtful instruction. Would love more classes from Ashley!
Nice focus on feet
Julia P. - -
Really nice class with plenty of stretches for your feet included. Ashley has a great energy and it's nice to see the beautiful brick background and the natural light flowing in.
Gillian B. - -
Great mix of traditional poses with slight modifications that brought a whole new dimension. Joints felt great, muscles felt challenged but not exhausted. Excited to see more from this teacher!
Feel good
Huda M. - -
I felt so good after that class while I worked hard
feet and heat!
Amanda A. - -
Great short flow with excellent instruction. Built a little heat with some challenging moves, but straight forward and different from the usual. Thank you, Ashley - I'll be looking up more of your classes!
I feel good!
Jen M. - -
After a long day of walking, this straight forward flow felt great on my joints! Good detailed instructions for correct form.
Pooja G. - -
Perfect class after a long hiatus from yoga. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs deep stretch, gentle flow, but enough push. Lots of ankle and toes stretches, which is great to open up the meridians! Thank you Ashley!
Finally Active Feet
Laura S. - -
I am a mindful flow yoga instructor and have often wondered how to incorporate feet into the flow class without losing the flow. This slow, strong flow in this class incorporated feet and ankle stretches with excellence. Thank you!
Really Good in the morning :)
Sofia S. - -
Don't be fooled by the 30 is challenging and feels really good!! Perfect for mornings when i´m in a rush!!!