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Challenge Day 1 with Danni
Victoria V. - -
EXCEPTIONAL CUEING Enjoyed every minute of this class. Creative sequence and lower leg burner. *handclap*
New to MyYogaWorks
Julia A. - -
Hi, this has been a great way to kick start my membership. Thanks!
Enjoyed day 1
Christine B. - -
Thanks, Danni for this journey to strengh. I am excited to challenge myself every day.
Where to find all JTD classes?
Jernine K. - - (edited)
I signed up for the 10 day journey to strength challenge but i did nott get a reminder email today. Also is there a place where all of the Jts classes are so i can check each day off as I do them? It is not under “take a journey” in the menu. Confused here.
Joanna E. - -
I had the same problem. This will work:
Janet L. - -
Thanks Joanna! Jernine, it isn't currently in our Journey Series page. It'll be there once the challenge is over! In the meantime, we are sending daily emails to all participants with the challenge page link.
Janet L. - -
Hi Jernine, this is because you've unsubscribed from all of our marketing emails, including the challenge. Would you like to be opted back in to our emails? If so, please confirm and I'll get you resubscribed.
Day 1 was great.
Donna B. - -
Thanks Danni for the Journey to Strength. I enjoyed the class at my level. I always love when I can modify the instructions to my level. Sweating and shaking is good. See you tomorrow.
Off to a great start!
Joanna E. - -
I appreciated this class and look forward to the next 9 days. Danni has a clear teaching style but also doesn't take himself too seriously -- a good reminder when my muscles started shaking! That 4-count chaturanga was a surprise! I wasn't always able to follow his breath pacing (too slow during the last low lunge series), but I just modified. I'd like to know if we'll be doing more bridges with feet on a blanket where a slippery floor helps maximize the flow. Today I was on a carpet but I was able to fire up my legs as if the blanket was sliding.