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Super helpful!
Skye N. - -
I need one of these videos for every part of the body!
This is yoga
pamela s. - -
I love all the knowledge Alex shares with us, it is super important to know your body in order to know what’s best for you, so you can practice yoga with Ahimsa, please bring Alex back!
Bryan C. - -
What does it say about your hips if you feel the tension in the front of your hips while your knees are bent into your chest? Thank you.
Brooke A. - -
DANG. Yes!!!!!!
Thank you!
Shari T. - -
So so so helpful, thank you! Now I know why I dread those wide-legged bends. Ugh. Do you think you might be able to do something like this for shoulders, too? :) Would love to see that! Thanks again.
Thanks Alex!
Karen P. - -
I love these simple steps to teach students that they need to honor their own body.
Lara P. - -
This is fantastic! It's really helpful to understand what elements I can work on and what ones I need to accept for my body. Thanks!!