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So glad I watched this!
Diana U. - -
I was wondering why my shoulders & wrists have been hurting so much lately... Just a few slight adjustments and I can already feel the difference. Fantastic information. I had never even heard of a "carrying angle" but now I can see that I definitely have it. Thank you Alex!
Dina F. - -
This was great info that I wish I had 10 years ago! So helpful and counterintuitive but already feel less strained in moving from plank to chaturanga. Thanks!
Freedom in my shoulders and neck!
Michelle W. - -
I basically stopped doing yoga after 10 years of practice because I developed debilitating shoulder and neck pain. Now I know why! Traditional yoga teacher training does not focus on this intimate level of shoulder alignment and I wish I knew about this from the start because I would have saved myself from injury. I felt comfortable in down dog for the first time in years thanks to this tutorial. Bless you, Alexandria! I can't thank you enough for bringing this knowledge into the world!
A Gift
Laurie W. - -
I was beginning to think I could not do yoga because it was too hard on my shoulders and wrists! I am excited that this may be my answer. Thanks
Everybody should take this tutorial
pamela s. - -
Awesome information! I've read Alex article related to shoulder alignment but on video is so much clear, I learned a lot about my own body, I will for sure check this class again to change all this years of misplacement. Thank you Alex and please make more of this!! It was also refreshing seeing different people doing this class, and I think it would be great to have all body types on the classes.
Changed My Life.
Dana H. - -
Not even kidding. My elbows hyperextend AND I have a Carrying Angle. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alexandria!
Go Find Articles By Alexandria at YogaJournal, too!
Joy B. - -
I am using yoga to recover from a year of frozen shoulder and recent surgery, and this instruction is spot on. You can get more detail from this teacher with pictures on the Internet, and thoroughly worth it. I had shoulder impingement and as a programmer, have significant internal rotation to correct. The impingement probably has much to do with the focus on reaching with palms down I always did. External rotation is our friend, and I had no idea before all this injury this year.
All Beginners Should Watch This
Joy B. - -
This would have saved me disatisfaction, frustration, and potential injury. Would love more video of them from the front rather than the side on some of these, so I can see both arms and the rotation. Particularly during the downward dog portion.
Paola T. - -
This was very interesting and helpful. I'd love to know more about the shoulders down that we are always being told to do, and that here we try not doing. I certainly felt a big difference in my lower back in that exercise, but would also like to know more about how it affects the shoulders and neck. Thank you!