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Judith M. - -
I have been happily practicing Yoga for about 9 months. Amazing changes in my body! That was the most exquisite, comprehensive Vinyasas of my Young Yoga Life 💕
Excellent sequence, one you can come back to over and over. Thank you!
Excellent Practice
Denise W. - -
Like some others I have been a dabbler for about 12 years and have today started my journey towards a daily practice. I chose the perfect video to test my abilities. I sweat, I did a child’s pose for a break once and then trusted my body and Vytas while peeking at the “girls” (have no problem with this) to make sure my form is correct. I will do this practice until I flow and then move on. Thank you and Namaste
Perfect reminders
Lindsey W. - -
Thank you Vytas!
Hard for true beginners
Sharon R. - -
There is good instruction on alignment, but there are quite a few components which make it hard for beginners: the poses are held quite long, there is a lot of weight on the wrists without a pause, the B flow is very fast which makes it hard to follow.
Fiona G. - -
I like Vutas's classes, but I think the people in his vidoes are adult women, not girls. It is offensive to hear him calling grown women "girls" and makes me not want to watch his videos.
Samantha K. - -
Learn to flow
Sanju D. - -
Your instructions were extremely helpful in keeping myself aligned in the practice. Thank you
Excellent class
Summer M. - -
I've been practicing yoga for several years and really enjoyed this class of fundamentals. When reading the other comments that say, "This is not a beginners class" it is...this is a beginner's yoga class, but "beginner" doesn't mean without any existing athleticism in your weekly routine. For example, if you currently have a weekly workout routine, but haven't explored yoga, this is a good "beginner" class for you. If you're coming into a beginner yoga class without any existing exercise/flexibility regime, yes this class could be a big challenge. But when you continue with the practice, and your body has a chance to adapt to the use of your muscles and breath, I think you'll enjoy this session that much more. Don't give up!
Still didn't get to the end...
Anne P. - -
Back to 30 minute shaking, sweating collapse. Best workout I've had in awhile, though! I do love the careful instruction.
Great way to ease back into a flow
Jenna G. - -
I used to be a fairly comfortable i termediate oractitioner of vinyasa, but returning to my yoga practice a year postpartum, Im finding that I dont know my body anymore! This is a great practice to re engage with vinyasa, reactivate muscles that havent been used in a while, and even learn new tips on proper alignment. Recommend this class to beginniners and also to more advanced folks coming back after a break and / or major physical changes.
Lindsey W. - -
I agree with this so much! I am a yogaworks trained 200hr teacher, and I need these reminders too to retrain my body and my core!
Oh, now I remember this...
Anne P. - -
Thank you, Joy Beer, for your comments. I've been ill for three weeks and taking much shorter, easier classes, so reached total collapse at 32 minutes. Then I read the comments. I will plan to give myself more breaks in future so I can see how this ends!!!
Fantastic Information, Read the Comments
Joy B. - -
I have the body of a beginner, but dabbled on and off for 20 years. This class was just loaded with insights. And he is very kind and sets perfect expectations regarding "bendiness". I would encourage another beginner to approach this in the way I wish I had and will when I redo this. While they are holding their poses forever and you think you will die, maybe stop and sipwater and listen to him and really watch, then rejoin. I toughed my way through this and was dripping sweat, shaking, and crawling into the poses at points, my 13 year old laughing riotously from the easy chair. :) Too many great tips and moves not to return to it, though. The tips should be heard by beginners. OH! And read the comments. I would love a "true beginner" version with all the narration kept. The kindness of attitude from the instructor toward beginner bodies are perfect.
Not yet, but further
Anne P. - -
34 minutes to complete collapse. Improvement!
Couldn't finish
Anne P. - -
I've been practicing with the Summer Ready series for Weeks , but couldn't get past minute 32. Arms and legs shaking so much I couldn't get into or hold poses. Looking forward to the day I'm strong enough to get all the way through!
Not a level 1 class
Ashley R. - -
This class definitely is not a beginner class. It was very very hard. I had to sit in child's pose through a lot of it and return to my breath. I would label this a level 2 intermediate class for sure
Audra R. - -
This class is great if you've been out of your yoga practice for some time. Really enjoyed it!
Really great back to basics
Debra S. - -
I agree this might be too difficult for a beginner, but it's a wonderful practice for a more experienced student looking to realign.
overall nice challenge
Betsy L. - -
I agree about it being too hard for a beginner...especially the lowering from plank.... he neglected to tell us to shift an inch forward in plank before lowering to up dog
Nicole Aandahl
Nicole A. - -
To me, this is a great class to get back into my Vinyasa practice. Yes, the pace is slower, hence holding some of the poses longer. However, holding them a bit longer gives me the opportunity to get comfortable with them again. But, I agree that it would be quite difficult for a true beginner.
Jayne W. - -
I have been doing yoga at a studio on and off for a few years. This level one Learn to Flow was such an excellent class for any level to take. It really focuses on doing the basics the right way and you can still go deep if you are able to. I really recommend this for any level and Vytas Baaskauskas is awesome!
Very Challenging for a Beginner
Christina B. - -
Although this is labeled a Beginner level one - it is very challenging. Excellent tips on form but the poses are held far longer than a true beginner can hold them, and because there is no demonstration of how someone with more limited mobility (ie: beginner) can move towards greater mobility, strength and flow. Over all, I'd suggest either a re-do with using beginner modifications throughout, or move this up to a level 2 video with concentration on form through the flow... or both.